SF Chronicle: Chesa Boudin ousted as San Francisco District Attorney in historic recall

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  1. Can someone explain where the $2000 comes from for a single ambulance ride? Like what are the underlying costs here? Or is it really just "we're going to charge this much because we can and the insurance companies will negotiate us down anyway?" Which then makes me wonder, why is SF paying so much if the insurance companies aren't?

  2. Most ambulance companies nationally are out of network. In many places, the only ambulance provider is a public service that is legally barred from negotiating with insurance companies. As a result, the real driver of ambulance costs is that a large portion of ambulance bills are never collected, so the costs go up for those who care about their credit and have the means to pay.

  3. Graduating from CS at Michigan will get you in the door anywhere and after your first job literally no one will care whether you went to Michigan or MIT. Go to the school that is the best fit, where you will be excited, do well and make strong friendships. 5 years after graduation that will be way more important.

  4. He can't get the democratic party nomination.

  5. Harris has an approval rating in the 30s. No way she gets the nod unless things change dramatically.

  6. I wish someone would tell this guy that he isnt going to be the President of the United States. If he is no longer interested in being governor then its better we find someone who is. California has too many problems at hand.

  7. Honestly, he’s the democrats best bet. If the election were today, anyone associated with the disaster of the last 2 years gets annihilated. On the other hand, I think Newsom would beat Trump and he would have an edge against DeSantis. He’s a political genius, good at rallying Democrats, viewed as a moderate with a business sense and doesn’t have the baggage of Biden.

  8. She's polling lower than Biden I highly doubt they will push her at all. She's been a nothing burger.

  9. Folks on this sub can’t handle reality. Let them downvote you - hopefully they nominate Harris on a platform of 4 more years of Biden, pointing to his “successes” on inflation, economy, Afghanistan, immigration and pretty much everything else. It’ll be a landslide the other way.

  10. So its article 14th of constitution that was a basis for that precedent...can you tell me, did Supreme court gave an explanation of their decision and why did they decide that way? Thanks

  11. https://www.supremecourt.gov/opinions/21pdf/19-1392_6j37.pdf

  12. It's definitely not easier to purchase a 3D printer and manufacture your own fun using blueprints that are illegal than going to a gun store and buying one

  13. Your position makes no sense. You think a person who is willing to carry out a carjacking at gunpoint is going to simultaneously say “I’d better spend a month procuring a ccw, going through a background check, studying self defense laws and learning handgun safety and proficiency so I can avoid that gun possession charge being added to my assault with a deadly weapon felony?” Or, “oh no, I’d better make sure I avoid that illegal gun transfer charge before I go commit murder?”

  14. You understand that armed gunmen are more likely when there is easier access to guns, right?

  15. This ruling is not about difficulty to acquire guns. It’s about difficulty for law abiding citizens, who already legally own guns, to acquire a ccw. CCW holders commit crimes at a lower rate than the general public. Do you think the typical person that is willing to hold someone at gunpoint is going to go through the process of getting a ccw?

  16. Speaking of '08, house prices didn't drop 50% then, so can't imagine them dropping that much this time around either.

  17. Peak to trough, median Bay Area housing prices

  18. It was in the article where a guy living across a park literally filmed these for days. Then Ronen said police shouldn't focus on this.

  19. Can you post a link? Curious how my neighborhood voted. I'm betting anti-recall in nopa.

  20. https://www.sfchronicle.com/projects/2022/live-election-results/san-francisco-propositions

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