1. With something so dumb, it's up to him to come up with a way how playing a fish would even begin to make any sense. What level of sense it needs to make is up to you. If you just don't see it, you're completely fine tyo say no

  2. Usually the light attacks are the same in a given class (technically there are usually two slightly different speeds but that's basically unnoticeable) but the heavy attacks and starts can vary wildly. For example in the ulyra great sword class you have the zweihander with normal scaling in STR and DEX and a overhead smash forvthe heavy attack, but there's also the dragon greatsword which has no scaling at all just a high base damage and a magic AoE as the heavy attack

  3. Yep, completely normal. Only the host can interact or attack the NPCs. This is so random summons can't troll people by killing them in other people's worlds

  4. I would allow it against low-level enemies, so up to a certain CR compared to the PC level, and probably only for a single enemy per encounter. Against major enemies or me using this against PC's, no.

  5. Yeah gonna need a source on this one pal.

  6. A source for the fact that gods are more powerful than empyreans? Nah fam

  7. Gods are more powerful in that they can just sort of 'conceptually exist' and bestow vast powers to vast numbers of worshippers, and spawn angel armies out of their 'essence'.

  8. And OP's question is what s stopping the gods intervening in more powerful ways, and this comment thread is about a god appearing in the prime material plane in full, not just as an avatar. So yeah, a typical avatar might be statted like an empyrean, but that's just not what we're talking about here.

  9. An infinitely generating world simply does not count for this.

  10. There's no infinetely generating world, Arena is what you are talking about. Daggerfall's map is the same for everyone, it was ONCE procedurely generated to make it possible to be enormous. But the final map is the same for everyone.

  11. ... I was talking about minecraft you dweeb

  12. Never seen this one, but I've done the other one where you drop down to the area with Velkas Rapier and the Ember just i bit more down the level.

  13. Ranni could give you an item that lets you skip the Rennala fight, then it’s up to whether you want to do it

  14. No. Finishing the Ranni quest should just forcedly skip the Rennala fight. There are plenty of missable things, even major bosses in the game arleady and it makes literally zero sense for you to fight her after marrying her daughter. She just gives you her rune and congratulates you and wishes you both a happy marriage.

  15. Part of the fantasy for me would be printing this stat block on a very long sheet of paper and unrolling it for the encounter like a scroll.

  16. Put it on the table at the start of the session, teasing them and making them think it's going to be some epic handout, then blam! Vecna, motherfuckers!

  17. That's a good idea that I'd never have thought on my own, to get civilians in hazardous areas to wear helmets. Makes perfect sense though!

  18. The gods exist and have direct power in the world, but most of them don't know what the fuck they're doing. People worship them and seem to get rewards, in reality the gods are like 'hmm the ants are walking in a funny circle, I'll give them a bit of sugar'. Sometimes the gods act on whims like 'what happens if I poke this thing?'

  19. I'd go with hyenas. Or some kind of robber role for them at least

  20. I found the episode quite good altho im not sure why the cast had the attention so split between keeping birdie restrained, im also wondering what the plan on dusk's side was since i was expecting to see maybe some more allies of their's pop up to assist Dusk.

  21. Perhaps dusk is just biding her time. She saw that her opportunity was wasted and decided to spin the narrative such that she seems like a 'good' guy. Since if what Birdie told us has holds any truth, then the Unseelie court has it's goals directly opposing Birdie and companys goals. I.e. the Unseelie are the ones behind the Ruidis things, and they need the macGuffin for themselves to do their evil deeds.

  22. To me they flubbed it. They lost the gravitas of the situation by waffling about for 20 minutes saying 'I'm confused'. It would've been so much better if they had shot first and asked questions later. The outcome would/could've been the exact same, but the sequence of events would've been so much better. Like seriously when an agent of an enemy state is trying to abduct your parents, no-one is going to be asking 'but what are the moral implications of this?'

  23. I mean, that's (a big reason) why I practice minimalism, so that I can focus those specific aspects that I want in my life. It's a feature not a bug.

  24. Why did this particular line become a mem? Over everything else gidy says over the course of the game? Do people hear this one disproportionately often?

  25. I think it's alright to have an easy spectacle boss. The music and whole atmosphere really make you slow down and appreciate the fight. It's purposely easy to let you dodge with minimal effort and fully focus on the beautiful spectacle.

  26. Nut you already have that with the other ancestral spirit. Spectacle loses a lot of its bite on a repeat run, so a difficult remix would've been better.

  27. Honestly, for me personally, the atmosphere was so good that I was relieved to see him appear again. And well, I immediately noticed that it's not exact repeat, as there were spirit animals in the room with him. Really made me sad when I saw him kill the animals to keep himself living, with connection to the music I felt like it was nature or the wild civilisation he was representing holding to its last straw, sacrificing their own kin to defend themselves and survive. It just acted as a huge enhancement to the great experience the first one provided earlier.

  28. I can in a way appreciate the idea of recurring bosses, and in some cases it does make perfect sense like the black knife assassins, death birds, night cavalry and so on, but the amount of reused bosses is still way overmuch. It'd be much nicer if they'd reused the models or skeletons and had different sets of moves, weaknesses, etc. The different dragons were a step in that directions, but apart from adula they pretty much were just different colors, instead of different moves or behaviors. Also the dragons were just really annoying to fight for me.

  29. Well, if you consider Moongrum an NPC (which he is), he's tough. I've lost to him more than Rennala, Ginger sif and Radahn combined.

  30. I Found an easy strategy for cheesing him, dash away from him far enough where he starts dashing after you, then turn around and let him catch you, he should do a running attack with his sword, and it's easy to parry. Repeat until death

  31. DS2 is the greatest souls game, thanks in no small part to Maldron

  32. For a modern version of this, go play the game Hades. You'll be crushing on the whole of greek mythology

  33. If you stop leveling then the endgame will get marginally more difficult than on NG. And yeah, it does suck that it's this way. It'd be way better if NG+ scaled the whole game to endgame and beyond levels.

  34. Radical acceptance of emotions and sensations rules. Say you're walking to work or the store or whereever, and you forgot to take gloves with you so your hands are cold. The natural response to that is a negative one, but instead you should set that first reaction aside and come to a rational decision on what will be the most helpful to you. If it's just a bit cold you can simply 'decide' that it is actually not an unpleasant feeling, and take all that you can out of feeling that sensation. going with the initial negative response will just bring you down. You are very much in charge of your thoughts and reactions in this kind of everyday banal stuff,

  35. Eikö tämä vielä lisäksi oleta että kissalla on 50% todennäköisyys olla steriili? Oikeassa tilanteessa alkioilla pitäisi olla painokerroin niiden populaatio-osuuden mukaan?

  36. Tuli heti parempi fiilis ku joku muukin on sitä mieltä että tämä ei ole ihan helppoa. Mutta, joo, uroskin voi toki olla syy tähän.

  37. Laskeskelin hieman ja tulin siihen tulokseen että noin 99% todennäköisyydellä vika on kollissa. Jos vaikka oletetaan että 5% niin koiras- kuin naaraskissoista on steriilejä, niin todennäköisyys että kolmen naaraan satunnaisotoksesta kaikki on steriilejä on hyvin pieni, 0.05*0.05*0.05 = 0.000125 = 0.0125%. Ja 5 / 0.0125 = 400, eli uros on 400-kertaisesti todennäköisemmin steriili kuin se että kaikki kolme naarasta.

  38. Just a heads up, even if your spoiler displays correctly to you, it doesn't for some other people (weirdness with different versions of reddit afaik). You need to remove the spaces before and after.

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