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Something isn't adding up

  1. If he's losing, his omnipotent, omniscient god must want him to be losing. Is he seriously asking his supreme being to change its plan that its been putting together for all eternity? Isn't this 'for a reason' Doug?

  2. The real scary thing is if he does this and somehow wins the mans ego is going to shoot through the roof as he's clearly been chosen by divine right.

  3. I'm surprised by Curtis Samuel tbh, especially when compared to the rise of Garrett Wilson. No way in hell would I be trading Samuel for Gainwell for instance

  4. I imagine if he puts up another banger week folks are gonna have to start respecting that he's a real WR2

  5. Do you have regular maintenance records? If so, tell the SM to reach out to the regional manager for Ford and see about an out of warranty repair. I was able to get Ford to cover half, the dealership did the work at cost, and in the end my OOP expense was almost 1/3 the quoted price.

  6. Average thumb is 2", so with that knowledge and reviewing the photo I would wager that handle is 3" so blade is 4" so 7" total length.

  7. As a civil estimator who started very green straight out of college - I'd say it takes 2-3 years in to be mostly independent with just final senior/owner review of your bids. For smaller more defined trades it's probably half that time just because you don't have to learn so much. As others have said so much is learning / getting comfortable with what is and is not typical.

  8. I liked my Pirelli Sottozeros this past winter. We didn't get much snow but they seemed to keep a lot of performance qualities I am used to despite cold temperatures.

  9. I have been asked a similar thing before when I was trying to get out of a toxic company a few years back. My senior estimator / confidant who knew and recommended I bail said just to block out confidential info (client and unit prices) and then it would be fine.

  10. I'd like an invite. I haven't played since I was a kid and it's been eye opening how little I understood haha

  11. Flip to the owner side of the business and work for developers. They still pay pretty well.

  12. I would 100% go after Ford for assistance. This is a known issue and its bullshit it's not covered since it gave you no warning. Get your dealership to reach out to the regional ford rep who can authorize out of warranty repairs.

  13. The old-time Quakers built resorts in the Poconos to give people an opportunity for wholesome outdoor recreation away from the cities... without the hedonism of some other resort areas. There were rules against drinking and gambling.

  14. Steel. And yes; those are split between 30 contract to varying degrees.

  15. Sounds kind of neat. I'd do it if it paid more. You are probably providing your company a lot of profit in such a role.

  16. As a site guy who does in house paving we bid our productions in tons and provide our costs in SY to our private clients.

  17. I email alot of places and sometimes call

  18. I'd flip that ratio. Always call and then if they are semi interested shoot that email over.

  19. Go through your dealer to push on Ford. Need to get in touch with the Ford Regional Rep and get them to approve it for an out of warranty (full or partial) repair. Can be done just have to be annoying and persistent keep citing that its a common known issue and you were diligent in maintenance (hopefully).

  20. Update: Got it down to $2k after lots of back and forth…2k more than I thought the car needed until a few day ago but I’ll take it over 10k

  21. Glad to hear it! I see any significant mitigation of a loss as a win in my book!

  22. Bid2Win (B2W) is what we use. Check out their website.

  23. I second this option for what your focus is on. It is designed with civil in mind and is basically HeavyBid's cheaper more modern little brother.

  24. When researching this on YouTube I am seeing it is pulling data from state databases. Is this the only source of data it uses?

  25. Never used it for any public work. We generated our own databases when I used it.

  26. Its just a fun mod. Especially when it really does a max boost load.

  27. Not going to get any disagreement from me, comrade. Glad my contribution to Chris Roberts & Co’s luxury lifestyle was just a €30 starter pack.

  28. Same I did 30 or 60 I forget way back and that's it. I've hopped on a few times and goofed around, but it's clearly a broken mess of scope creep.

  29. I do as requested by my GCs. I prefer emailing our proposal and letting them figure out how to level it since their break outs on BC are usually fucked up or boilerplate.

  30. How do you estimate civil/site for your clients? Per SF using market averages?

  31. The stage 2 tune looks quite new, I don't recall seeing it when I shopped around for mine. I'd be curious if anyone has done a real world comparison. My fear, as I mentioned before, is the drivetrain holding up, especially if the car is now pushing 425hp.

  32. The transmission and AWD system were paired with the 400 HP Lincoln continental so you're probably still within spec. GM's version of the transmission is rated for 415 HP.

  33. Not familiar with that one in particular, i will have to look into that one! Thanks for the feedback

  34. B2W is designed primarily with civil in mind as well. I used Heavybid at my current company, but I do miss B2W a lot of the time. Heavybid is crazy powerful, but I don't need that I'm just a dumb dirt estimator :)

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