1. i don’t understand, how is 5 over the limit extremely reckless dangerous horrible atrocious speeding like what everyone is saying? would you say someone going 50 in a 45 is a terrible speed racer? have you NEVER gone slightly above the limit? jfc guys

  2. That's from the Helping Handis B story. Stan bribes the coach to put Steve on the water polo team , he drowns, the smoking coach resuscitates him, Vince laughs at him and Stan decides to give him steroids to make him cool.

  3. Sounds like you had a cumcusssion. I hope you’re doing better now.

  4. i love first, do no farm. Jeff and the dank ass weed factory, and hurricane if i had to pick all time favorites

  5. I also must do an honorable mention to bully for steve, so many good lines in the episode

  6. Definitely very dark and serious for family guy, I don’t know if I would say disturbing, but not by any means a usual episode

  7. Most AD fans also like family guy, you can even look at my post history if you wanna see, it’s a rare few that feel entitled, the same can be said on this side, but for the most part people enjoy both shows, just favor one over the other

  8. Lol, you're literally right. The American dad subreddit spends the majority of its time talking about how much they think American dad is better than family guy more than they actually talk about American dad. Then they have gall to bring that nonsense to this subreddit sometimes.

  9. im w the other dude, it’s rarely about family guy, in fact most of the AD sub likes family guy, i even made a post about it that you can look at lol, it’s usually references and funny stuff that you would only get if you really like the show and watch it a lot

  10. i think it’s a good episode, if you don’t like the topic of weed you probably wouldn’t like it, but i think it’s a pretty solid one

  11. I think the episode where roger and stan try to turn jeff in, joint custody, when they’re tied up in jeff’s dad weed grow house

  12. I do. People that hate on it need to shape up or show me their balls.

  13. Shelia said the kid was mine, but it looked just like dennis, that damn dennis!

  14. try a daily 15-20 hour t break rather than a long t break

  15. THIS! tolerance fix >>>> tolerance break, they are useless

  16. Did the note say "you're parked too close", or is OP saying to actually note how far the car is parked into the other parking space? Who fuckin knows

  17. karen hit my car with a door, karen said “you’re parked too close”, note (as in notice) how her car is parked over the line. hopes this helps you guys that can’t figure it out :)

  18. literally makes me die laughing every time especially after smoking

  19. terrible if i’m being honest. i always feel uncomfortable, usually nauseous, switching between super hot and super cold. the worst though is for sure feeling uncomfortable. it’s just a constant state of feeling like you don’t belong in your skin for 6 hours or so, and sleeping afterwards is a nightmare. still super fun tho and i feel there’s more positives than negatives. also if you make a tea it seems to reduce the uncomfortable-ness and nausea !

  20. I take an anti depressant and a mood stabilizer, i’ve never had any negative effects specifically from taking shrooms while taking my meds, and like you, I used to be extremely depressed and anxious, the mushrooms did absolute wonders for me. I mean completely changed my outlook on life and way of thinking, to the point where I don’t even think I need to take synthesized medication anymore. I’d say go for it

  21. I really really want to fkin try it, but there are people saying if ur on meds its just a waste of shrooms. Btw what does trip feel like?

  22. I mean it is different for everyone, but in my experience, meds and shrooms have zero correlation on effects or what i feel. then again something to take into consideration is i’m not good at consistency, so i’ll forget to take my meds for a couple days or so and then remember for a few days and so on, so i guess it’s not constantly in my system. what does a trip feel like though is not realistic to answer, everyone experiences something different and no two trips are alike or the same, it’s just one of those things you gotta experience to understand :/

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