1. “You girls wanna be on your high horse? Go ahead go off and break your neck” lmaooo Danielle 💀

  2. Rachel looks so crazy. Like physically she looks insane. I’m sorry

  3. Paul peeking around the corner after hearing the medium say Dolores has a ring in her future lmao

  4. 2,211 of Ramona’s closest girlfriends

  5. Jen Shah should be thanking her lucky stars that she didn’t answer the FaceTime because with Gizelle’s line of questioning she could’ve ended up with several more years lol

  6. I LOVE Delicate and it’s in my top 10 but “is it chill that you’re in my head?” makes me actually cringe if I think about it for too long. Rest of the song is a masterpiece though!

  7. Is it just me or is this episode so boring so far 😩

  8. I get yelling at your significant other in the heat of a moment to try to quickly reel them in and deescalate conflict they’re in, but Louie just added to the pile on to Teresa and totally dismissed her points that were actually completely valid. Louie‘s losing me here he better get his shit together

  9. I’m watching RHOA right now and Louie is giving me Marc Daly vibes the way he’s trying to control Teresa 😡

  10. Seriously why is Joe Gorga getting involved in bridesmaids drama

  11. Why the fuck did Louie spring up so creepily the second Teresa came over to him? Da fuq is going on there???

  12. https://giphy.com/gifs/9xciXC6jG9lH7wM4KH

  13. oh didn't you hear? the butt, boobs, lips, stomach are all 100% natural- just a girl naturally aging and gaining weight in oddly specific places

  14. You’re forgetting that she works out a lot!!! It’s really all because of her hard work

  15. Sandoval is such a whiny little bitch holy shit plz stop arguing with women

  16. https://giphy.com/gifs/spfi6nabVuq5y

  17. My evil bitch answer is Melissa because her and Joe would not know how to function without housewives and them fading into oblivion would be their worst nightmare

  18. I can’t wait to hear the Crappens recap of this shit!

  19. I had an edible earlier and just got very concerned reading you call yourself a disheveled drug addict til I got the reference and realized I am right there with ya girl 💕

  20. Hahaha thank you agreed completely!! Last week someone told me it triggered them lmao

  21. This is a great therapist for them to have because you just know she knows NOTHING about RHONJ lol

  22. Your flair is triggering me🥴 I hate that she said that to Tinsely.

  23. Lol I’m sorry 😩 I love Tinsley and it was so rude of Ramona but her singing that like a maniac sadly lives rent free in my brain

  24. “Thoughts on Scheana hitting Raquel after WWHL?” “Yeah, I think she did”

  25. Oliver did that 360 dramatic make out all while having an entire wife????

  26. Call me old fashioned but bring me back to the days when reality tv stars could just punch each other without any court involvement ❤️‍🩹 💔

  27. Ok anyone who saw an issue with Ciara saying something to Amanda’s husband out of genuine concern for her health needs to, as the kids say, touch grass

  28. If Rachel left the show after last year’s reunion, she would’ve gone out with so much dignity, still been able to do some ads on Instagram to get herself through grad school, and come out of reality tv pretty unscathed. Instead she chose to risk it all for a 41 year old karaoke singer who wears face paint. But I guess that’s just showbiz baby ⚡️

  29. I get so proud when Teresa makes sense 🥰

  30. Oh no Marge’s teeth are falling out of her mouth. Push them back in plz

  31. Marge really is such a miserable person

  32. Didn’t Amanda say she would be least likely to save Jules in a fire or some shit like that a few years ago lol

  33. I feel bad for Sam. Mya was an asshole for saying that

  34. I’m gonna need Amanda to cheat on Kyle with Carl and for them to ride off into the sunset for Summer House to be interesting (jk but this is all so boring after the VPR news)

  35. This is literally the biggest plot twist I’ve seen in anything since Fight Club. God bless VPR

  36. Didn’t Tom and Katie decide to get divorced like right before this season filmed?? Why are all of them acting like they should be completely over each other??

  37. I can’t find actively pursuing Tom Schwartz in the DSM but it’s there right?

  38. The one redeeming thing about Lala is that she’s a housewives stan

  39. I’m not sure any other housewife’s mere existence pisses off the other women as much as Jen’s does to the Jersey women (and Joe Gorga) and for that reason I have no choice but to stan 😌

  40. Hahahaha Danielle is eating Jackie alive

  41. I love these scenes of Jackie vs Danielle where we are just slowly watching Jackie getting demoted

  42. Oh no I can’t watch Chris getting rejected all season long lol

  43. The drink pouring/sipping on drinks in confessionals on Bravo has GOT to stop

  44. Why are these Miami threads so hard to find 😩

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