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  1. You’re right. This is exhausting. As an atheist I just find all this so silly. She clearly doesn’t care to learn about other cultures. She thinks she is correct upon arrival at a thought and doesn’t appear to go deeper into questioning herself.

  2. Ex-vangelical atheist here. 👋🏼 It’s willful ignorance and the reason anybody believes this isn’t because they are happy or their life has been changed. It’s because they are scared, or shameful, or have feeling of guilt surrounding their image of there self. If there’s one thing any religion hates it’s people loving themselves. Lol

  3. “Your highest self is evil” & “you will always fall short of perfection”

  4. Ughhhh who the FUCC is paying for this. 😅

  5. This bitch talks about Trader Joe’s like it’s some holy place for her. Lol. Meanwhile my atheist ass drops in to pick up chocolate and beer after a long night out. 😂 NOBODY stopped her in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s lol

  6. DJ Spit is also my favorite - my brother and I constantly yell “Get out me head, man!” at each other in response to anything really. Lol

  7. IIRC Feb 29th isnt what is listed on a birth certificate, they will change it to the 28th or the 1st.

  8. I was born in the US - my birth certificate and driver license both list the 29th.

  9. Maybe it’s just tying to rank dates by number of births on average. As in, the number of children born on February 29th isn’t 1/4 that on the surrounding days. Although I still think the data looks wrong. Would expect something more like this:

  10. As someone born on February 29th… I do not believe this. I’ve never met another Leap Baby in person and have only had 2 people ever tell me they also know someone born on Leap Day. But what do I know, I’m only 6. 🐸

  11. Always with the fucked up hair girl what is you doing 💀💀💀💀

  12. It’s the “if you don’t believe ____, you’re wrong”. Listen here bitch - the very core of what is wrong with you is that you cannot differentiate a belief from FACTS. People believe many different things and exemplify that in so many different ways. If Lisa wants to meditate or watch true crime because it brings her joy and comfort then that’s ok. FUCK YOU, sis for saying otherwise.

  13. Same. I’m atheist now but I grew up with trauma from contemporary Christianity - but this is STILL by far the craziest shit I’ve seen lol. And I’ve had a “prophet” tell me I’m fated to be a missionary in China. Lmao.

  14. Anybody else been with their partner longer and lived together long than these two kumquats & find it odd she is shilling MaRrIaGe AdVicE. Like I’m not married but 1000% my boyfriend and I have a healthier more stable relationship and understand more about cohabiting than her and JDong. Lol. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  15. OMG brb making one on my island stat. 🥹❤️

  16. Seeing these well done rooms always makes me realize I’m missing so many great items 🥹🥹🥹

  17. “surprise it’s meat” JDongs catch phrase when he sends his nasty dick pics to other women 💀💀💀💀

  18. Oh my god NOO WAY she is soo quirky I have never seen another female that SWEATS let along is ….. SmElLY. After I get done running I still smell like lavender. I wish I smelled like busted lip sweat.

  19. Hahaha I was like huh I gotta see. Big yikes.

  20. not me personally, but there was a local pub landlord who was notorious for asking candidates what animal they would be if they had to be an animal

  21. Are you by chance from Lancaster OH area because SAME. I worked for a local pub and the owner asked me and others this upon the initial interview lol

  22. Good guess but it’s Cherry St Pub. I know the owners of Ohuids though good people lol

  23. I deleted my instagram BECAUSE of people like her. Yeah sis I am tired of seeing you & other people I’ve never met before whine about this app & engagement when ZERO people have an obligation to invest in your life and thoughts. I just want to see the people I actually know enjoying life’s moments. I don’t need you Mik, I can handle learning about fitness from real qualified people and all the shit on the internet that’s free and doesn’t complain to me. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  24. It’s always the photo clicker in her hand for 💀

  25. I honestly think Sam is the sweetest - I just ended up unfollowing her because it was the same products I don’t wanna buy & the same content. But I always felt she was pretty genuine!

  26. I’m no rich bitch by far - but why does the idea of getting something like jeans off Amazon seem so weird lol. Hard pass I try them on in person & denim is something that spending 20-25 extra dollars on makes them last 184729x as long lol. Like who is clicking on that link thinking they can order their correct size or get anything that won’t fall apart in 4-6 months. 🫠

  27. UPDATE: I’m a ding dong he has FOUR kids of his own. Wonder how far along his wife was each time? The density. 👁👄👁

  28. SP is crazy. I’ve had it all from about to die, old lady with an axe to a cold finger trying to go in my ass. It’s a complete mind fuck mate

  29. I am SO thankful I’ve never fully hallucinated I can’t even imagine old lady with an axe 😭 I will feel a presence and hear noises from within my house. Luckily I did sleep well last night despite this even happening during the day.

  30. It’s amazing SP could happen within less than 30 minutes of nap. How did you sleep? Were you on a office chair with your head on a desk?

  31. The initial nap was 30 mins then I fell back asleep after the first alarm for about 45-50 mins. I forgot to mention I work from home - so I was asleep on my back I believe in my own bed. I will feel a presence or hear noises but luckily I’ve never hallucinated. Still scary, nonetheless!

  32. I have a sleeve on my left arm, a sternum tattoo and rib cage tattoo and I literally never refer to myself as #tatted, talk about my tattoos like their my identifying trait, or post pictures of my tattoos or talk about them outside of the day I got them done. And even then it was like a pic sent to my family/friends. Can’t stand people like her lol Em honey millions of people have all sorts of tattoos nobody cares.

  33. In the movie when they ask for an extension on the rent and he says, “Since I seem to be of two minds and by that I mean I’m drunk, it’s a mayyyybe”

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