1. Bought my 55" Sony off the wall of a Best Buy after a year of demo use for $900. I was able to confirm that there was no burn in or dead pixels. It's served me well for last 2 years, I'd do it again

  2. I’m able to confirm that the model I’m buying doesn’t have any burn in or damage too, so this is a good reference point, thanks! Did you purchase USD or CAD?

  3. I usually watch 2 soccer games per week. Does it matter with the scoreboard?

  4. The article says that as long as you’re watching other content, stuff like scoreboards are fine. They really didn’t have concerns for regular consumer usage.

  5. I have the same question as OP with an additional ask for Google TV. Which one of the recommended TVs in the thread has that OS? Is it Sony?

  6. Either the TCL r646 or any Sony TV (X85K or above, like the X90K that many people prefer).

  7. Canadian Best Buys have had this open window system for a few years now. It’s honestly been fine. Some customers will grumble about it, but no one has left because they couldn’t choose a morning or afternoon time window. They just choose a day (like the weekend) that they’re available all day. I just tell customers that GS needs to route their day and can’t go back and forth across the city all day.

  8. I think they’re based out of London Ontario but they still charge in USD. I’ve rented through both companies and there weren’t any tax implications. Our preference ended up being David’s DVC but they’re still very similar companies.

  9. Rode 7 dwarves mine train once during the fireworks, we had a great view and it was amazing!

  10. I have this setup with the 65” A80K, it’s a decent setup that I got for cheap. Just know that their “center speaker feature” that they use with it is half-baked. Doesn’t seem like it’ll work as it hisses if you use the feature/ plug in the cable. I’ve tested it on 3 TV replacements, 2 cables, and even had Sony replace the board with no change, still hisses so I disabled the feature.

  11. I had this issue too. A ground loop noise isolator fixed the problem for me. I just ordered one off Amazon. If I recall correctly, it was something to do with my electrical feedback and not the systems themselves. Never noticed a benefit to the center channel though.

  12. I’m going in April too! I’ll be seriously disappointed if they take the Treats and Seats away! I did the one where you get to sit on the terrace during the fireworks last year and it was totally worth it!

  13. Can you share a link of where I can get more information on this? Thank you

  14. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/en_CA/dining/magic-kingdom/tomorrowland-terrace-fireworks-dessert-party/

  15. Noticed this on my new A80K and got concerned. Happy to hear that it’s just the local dimming not kicking in on menus.

  16. If your OLED looks like it’s suffering from blooming, that’s an issue. OLEDs don’t have local dimming. And the LED X80K does not locally dim either, so.

  17. Interesting. Thanks for the info. I'll try to recreate it and contact Sony.

  18. Best Buy Canada here. My store only let go three full time employees. Management says it’s because our store brings in the most profit in the district. There’s a store roughly 30km from us that is being shut down and their staff is being transferred to a store roughly 20km away from us. These are box stores, not a showcase store like mine.

  19. do NOT read the cruel prince after acotar if you don't want to hate it for how childish and immature it is

  20. I probably wouldn't have suggested the selection series based off acotar, but I read it a while ago and really enjoyed it!

  21. This is definitely false. Hugh Jackman was already confirmed to play Wolverine again in Deadpool 3. Even if Marvel is going for another Wolverine in a different universe, that won’t be for many more years down the road and Marvel doesn’t cast actors this far in advanced (especially when there’s no movie for them to be in).

  22. Not saying I want the actor to be cast but Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine isn’t from the MCU.

  23. Hulu is not available in countries like Canada, so it would severely limit their customers to do this

  24. Yes it’s just a sort of running joke that those of us in the 97-00 range are too young to be millennials and too old to be Gen Z, so we’re zillennials. I think it’s fitting

  25. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to make a cut off because I know 00-02s that perfectly fit in with “zillennial” too. But oh well

  26. RTings says the X85K is 120hz at 4K, so if OP’s information is right, then not necessarily?

  27. It’s there in the discussion. Rtings mentioned that the blur is there, but much less noticeable than previous years.

  28. Are we talking about the section that talks about 1440p upscaling?

  29. Viewing distance would be great for a 65”, but make sure you get a larger TV stand to go beneath it; otherwise, the TV will dwarf the furniture

  30. Yes, all S8 episode titles are S1 quotes like “Today will be different” (Pilot), “I was feeling epic” (said by Lexie), “Hello, Brother”(Pilot), “The Simple Intimacy of the Near Touch” (Selena’s first dance) etc…

  31. I knew a good few of the episodes were quotes but somehow I missed that all of them were quotes?? How did I miss “Today will be different”?! I guess I don’t look at the episode titles enough!

  32. I was replying to the comment, not OP.

  33. If that is your use case than the Best Buy warranty is not needed. Burn in risk will be really, really low watching shows and movies. Save your money.

  34. He’s not watching movies or tv shows - he’s only gaming so he actually needs the opposite of your advice lol

  35. So Best Buy has the 65” A80J on for a really good deal right now. I haven’t ever seen it this low. Like, you have to trust me when I say, at this moment, it is as low as it can go. For reference, holiday season last year in Canada it sold for around $2200. Best Buy also currently has their price protection on until January 14th. So get either the 55” or 65” while it is in stock near you, and if the price drops over the holidays you can bring your receipt into the store and get the price changed. The OLED is 100% worth it’s cost. Best Buy does also offer FairStone financing, so if you want, you can finance the last few hundred at no interest (as long as you make the payments).

  36. I am of the minority that will die on a hill by saying anything 75” and up should have you sitting at least 10ft away. Especially in that room cause a 75” will dwarf the fireplace and make the room look uneven. Go for a 65”

  37. I second this, I’m about 11’-12’ from my 75” and it’s as close as I would want it

  38. Exactly my scenario. Considered an 83’ because of this Reddit page, came home with a 77’ and realized an 83’ would have been way too big for me at 11.5ft away

  39. Unfortunately, there’s honestly no way for us to tell. It depends on your store/department and how desperate they are

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