1. is this legit SpaceX stuff or something else? didnt a chinese satellite just crush down to earth last week?

  2. This one is SpaceX, been in the news a bit. Some dickhead from SpaceX came out and said something about this landing "within expectations". Smug fucks.

  3. I genuinely can't believe so many people are shocked by this. Or course they do. Gamepass is a product that Sony doesn't want to succeed.

  4. This isnt the same as exclusivity. Its telling Microsoft indirectly what they can and cant do with a game sold on their own platform.

  5. It's making a deal with the developer, the actual owner of the game. Microsoft don't have any rights to the game beyond what a developer agrees to. If it's in their best interest to keep a game off gamepass then sobeit.

  6. Hawthorn don't win a single of the treble premierships as they can't win away from the MCG.

  7. I think they're just responding to the statement that you only generate power on the down part of pedaling, which isn't true if you're clipped in and have proper technique.

  8. But I'm wondering why you can't do the same with recumbent. They are posing it as an advantage of regular bikes, but can't you push against the handlebars to generate the same effect on a recumbent bike?

  9. I honestly don't think they're saying you can't, I genuinely think it's purely a correction and not being phrased as an advantage one has over the other. I could be wrong, though. Maybe they'll respond to our little thread at some point with clarification.

  10. Funny, I don’t seem to remember a roller coaster at the Shire.

  11. Haha too fucking true man. The Facebook style outrage and hard on for vigilante justice in this thread is off the chain. Wild read.

  12. You're right, it reads exactly like Facebook. I don't know why responses have to be so binary, you can be both mad these two are stealing things and sad that one had to have brain surgery as a result.

  13. If I ever make it back the US Pittsburgh is at the top of the cities I want to visit. Really bummed I haven't been yet, sense like a cool town from what I've seen and read.

  14. That's round 23. Is he not playing against Freo this weekend?

  15. Which is basically a WCE home game

  16. As a Dad this absolutely breaks my heart and I'm sorry you have to deal with this. As someone who grew up with fairly shitty (in a different way) parents I get it. I know it's not what you're asking but my first bit of advice is start plans for finding your own place now, even if it is a few years out. You might even salvage a relationship with your parents in the future by doing so (You probably feel like you don't want to and that might remain for the rest of your life, everyone is different).

  17. The D&D ep just because Chang is in blackface. It’s almost as if the people doing the pulling don’t understand comedy.

  18. The Chang one is super weird to me, he is closer to Jim Carrey's the mask than to any black person. Playing a Black Elf from a mythical universe is different to

  19. I can't believe I clicked on that. "Manager to be rewarded if team does well" could be a headline for any team, in any competition. It's hardly an "EXCLUSIVE" as they put it.

  20. The NBL is becoming more relevant than the BBL and will continue to do so as kids want to play basketball. It has a large regional presence and is supporting far more communities than cricket.

  21. In Perth at least the wildcats do such an incredible job connecting with the community, and the effort shows in their attendances and success.

  22. A factoid is a statement based on an assumption. Something that has never been confirmed. You are thinking “Factlet”

  23. They don't like the sequels because of Finn and probably Rose too. That's when people of colour got major screen time

  24. Good old wapol, going after people with a toy.

  25. I'm all for shitting on WAPOL but in this case they absolutely did the right thing. Stupid idiot shouldn't be carrying that shit around on the street.

  26. Parking in a Wilsons. But not paying to park in a Wilsons. Then laughing at the "breach of contract" penalty notice as you throw it in the bin. Fuck Wilsons.

  27. I'm torn on this one because I don't walk in to a shop and just take shit I want, even if the company itself are leaches. Don't get me wrong I've thrown them in the bin, too. Just not sure how I feel about it. I generally just don't use Wilson to get around any conflict.

  28. Did the rbb turn up at a game they had nothing to do with and throw shit at the railing? If no, then probably not

  29. Next week will be Mundy’s last game in front of a freo crowd. He knew that wouldn’t be right to do and fuck playing at goomba.

  30. I don't think it is anything more than West Coast's last home game. I can't imagine that he'd skip the derby if it was a West Coast home game for Mundy.

  31. Pretty funny but at the end of the day they secured promotion and that's all anyone really cared about. The Sydney NPL derby returns for 2023.

  32. I am certain players at Central Coast care, and probably the wsw players, too. Celebrating a title at any level, of any sport, is great.

  33. I dont think 1 in 10 people have this kind of yacht. More like 1/100

  34. I don't think it's a huge stretch to say the top 10% could afford to hire this for a day or week.

  35. Top 10 percent? No, it's still going be prohibitly expensive, like tens of thousands of dollars for one day. Top ten percent are well off and have no problems making ends meet, but they're not stupidly rich, wealth is way too much hoarded by the 0,001%-1% segment.

  36. I'm not saying everyone's experience would be the same. These boats can be configured differently to allow for different setups. 2 hour ticketed events with way too many people exist on these kinds if things for a couple hundred a head.

  37. If this happens to me, you all have permission to turn my brain into shot glasses and drink my memories.

  38. On this note, does anyone remember playing your first year out of free-ball (now Auskick) where you were only allowed to bump? It was awful. I reckon about 96 or 97 this was.

  39. People in the far northern coastal suburbs crack me up, pretending there's a difference between those suburbs.

  40. There's a pretty significant difference between living in Mindarie and Merriwa.

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