1. I mean, are we gonna pretend that we don't eat ungodly amounts of calories at resturaunts sometimes? I'll easily slam 3,500 calories at East Side Mario's between the bread, cheese capaletti, and beer... ~skinny~ people do it too y'all

  2. Yeah but most of us aren't morbidly obese, with our life on the line yk😭 Like go out and live your life but if you are on a diet to save your life I think you could do without overindulging every time you go out

  3. Don't you dare ruin Vanessa Bayer for the rest of us. Amber won't let us enjoy a thing

  4. Els Sims, George Orwell i Ray Bradbury... Ja em fotria voler estar tan absent de la realitat. I xava per si fos poc

  5. Quina brutalitat de resposta, hauria d'haber posat que visc a Gràcia si hagués sabut que aquest post trobaria la demografia catalana

  6. This is so cool!!! Can I post this on my story and credit you? Thank you so much wtf. You are super fucking talented!

  7. Next time i'll probably go to the beach side which is flat. I really thought I would do good the first time in super inclined streets. Any advice is welcomed!

  8. You're not back to square one. You relapsed after ten whole months of sobriety, which is a fucking lot! It's NEVER too late to pick yourself up and start over. This is how liquor makes you feel the day after. Remorseful, depressed, anxious, hopeless and useless. That is not who you are. The feelings brought by alcohol or any other substance do not define you. Turn it around. This kind of moments serve as a reminder of why you choose change. Please stay safe. It's normal to be discouraged, but one can push through it. You WILL make yourself proud in the end.

  9. I'm not sure how accurate these calculators are for someone of her size. Her body disposition is completely different from a normal person scaled up to her size, her body fat percentage has got to be insane. Plus from years of being this huge I imagine her metabolism is fucked.

  10. Agree. But still, if she actually stuck to the 1600kcal diet she claimed to be in for a while she would have lost a shit ton of weight by now. I can't imagine how much she eats now to maintain her current weight.

  11. Eggtopia's mental health 'release' sub works wonderfully; good luck!

  12. I'm going through the same thing right now, only the derealization came a few days ago (weeks after smoking). Also dealing with anxiety and mild panic when it had never happened to me before.

  13. Gone Girl; Amy's character is so well written and acted, you can't help but sympathize with her even though she's an f-ing psycho.

  14. If you're an inverted triangle looking to change to an hourglass figure I would definitely recommend to check Baddie Glam's subliminals. They literally transformed my body

  15. People are responding to your opinion by describing its reasoning, as if that’s valid. I assume by your post you are attempting to disband the illogical nature of its capitalization.

  16. Oh I didn't think there wasn't a reason for it as in the origin, but more as in why it's still being used now.

  17. Pretty insane that a person was fucking stabbed and half of the comments are just pointing out how hot her attacker was? seriously

  18. half isn't even close. come on.

  19. It was more than half when I first posted the comment a few hours ago

  20. Im gonna pretend I get this and upvote, sounds like a high IQ roast

  21. Louis XIV aka the 'sun king', XVIIs french king who had the whole world revolving around him (hence the nickname) with the noble court as his puppets, built the castle of Versailles and exercised absolute royal rule (monarque absolu). Louis XVI, fucking loser that ran like a fairy during the french revolution (1789-1790s) and got guillotined as a result of it.

  22. idk if its because i watch too much football, but his reaction time seems slow. Not that i could do better, i suck

  23. I guess that in the game you can see the ball coming from a distance and you have more time to react? Not sure either

  24. Oh my god yes! My character has drifted so much form it's original form... every time I think about the show my heart aches knowing that's not what they're like in my mind.

  25. Oh my god why are these so funny to me. It's so bad it's good

  26. Audio Surgeon Ivy has a really good small waist sub that I know lots of people have gotten results from including myself. She has a YouTube channel but I’m not sure if it is still up since she had to take down a lot of videos recently due to strict YouTube regulations however you can still find all her subs on Audiomack and you can find her account on there linked through her YouTube channel. Hope this helps!

  27. Also there's an account that reuploaded many of her audios on youtube!

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