1. Dude was a massive letdown in his last year - the first half was OK, but the last set of games he was suddenly gone without notice. Just refused to do his job.

  2. Spezia is not safe and Verona is not relegated, the two will face in a playoff (next week?) to decide the third relegation.

  3. He probably should be there if the alternative is Robert Sanchez but yeah Unai Simon, Raya and even Kepa at this point are better than him

  4. I used to be on the “fuck RB for gatecrashing the Bundesliga” train, but the holier-than-thou attitude of German football fans here combined with the passive acceptance of Bayern dominance has me rooting for them a bit.

  5. I am still on the "fuck RB Leipzig" train but I do agree with you to an extent about the attitude of German football fans here. The fact that they were whining about Heidenheim getting promoted because they are "smaller" than a lot of clubs shows entitlement. Imagine a PL flair moaning about Luton being promoted because they felt Middlesbrough deserved due to their "size".

  6. eastern commentators are so much better in general, IMO

  7. Arabic comments is the best and contrary to popular belief here they don't scream all 90 minutes

  8. Yes? I'm telling them not to take this place too seriously and explaining why Islamophobia is a thing, sharing my own experience regarding that. So they can understand some people will be scared of you only when you wanna hurt them and obviously not all Muslims (or people in general regardless of their belief) are like that. This can help them understand "Islamophobia on Reddit" is not really about them on a personal level. Or at least this is what I think.

  9. Umm not really. Look, I'm from a Muslim-majority country born to Muslim parents. This is not to say I have all the right to offend or talk shit about anyone but to make it clear that I'm not some racist white guy from rural USA. Islam has strict rules you are supposed to follow if you are a believer. Their holy book is what, 600-pages long? You can open it up and read everything written there. Now obviously nobody can be perfect in that regard but as a Muslim you have to believe that book and treat it as the norm or how the world should be designed. All religions or ideologies are similar in that sense - they are rarely interested in coexisting peacefully with other concepts. In most cases they see them as threats to their own existence. From killing to infidels to whipping people for adultery, a lot of things are in the Holy Book which you should embrace as a Muslim. Are we good so far?

  10. You may not be Islamophobic but many parts of Reddit are strongly anti religion and they end up saying bigoted things about Muslims because they probably genuinely believe it or because they think it makes them smart

  11. Pretty harsh to call Brazil a fake country just because their U-20s lost

  12. For what's supposedly the "purest footballing culture" Germany does seem to have the least satisfying results every single year.

  13. I'd say it's pretty satisfying that we don't have the usual suspects as the promoted teams in the BL next year

  14. In any other season, their position would have been enough to stay up

  15. not to mention that they were 13th in xPTS, and were underperforming a lot.

  16. With that logic, even Marsch should have not been sacked since they were 12th in xpts when he got sacked

  17. Through no fault of his own. Leeds were going down regardless and he was given an impossible job with 4 games to go against City, Newcastle, and even Tottenham.

  18. Oddly enough they were 17th when he took over and ended up 19th

  19. All teams that I have managed were unbeaten when I was manager

  20. Suppose it’s just reflective of the fact that at least 1-2 of the 3 promoted sides always bring good form into the new season, by definition

  21. Or that the 14th-17th place teams were lucky to stay up the previous season and their luck ran out the following season

  22. Shouldn't your position switch be the 4th largest drop since Sheffield United also dropped 11 places

  23. I cant believe they also just got the profile of some random Thai person lmaooooo wtf Telstar what are you doing 💀💀💀

  24. They are 1 racist orgy away from a Leicester City fairytale Dutch edition

  25. Well, they're also heavily lacking in the "Filthy Rich Thai Owner" department, but yeah.

  26. Dont think class privilege has ever been as apparent here in Belgium as with the recent Reuzegom (student club) trials where a bunch of rich snobby kids got away with ''killing'' one of their members with just community service and their names not being shared publicly.

  27. Just read about it and I don't think you need to put 'killing' in double quotes. This is absolutely a manslaughter if not a murder

  28. You need to be in a calorie deficit. Simple as that. You can lose fat without workout out by eating right.

  29. Yeah makes sense. I still plan on working out to get muscle though.

  30. There needs to be a complete overhaul of the refereeing system with more clarity on decisions as well as better use of the var system. This would happen much less frequently if that were the case. You can't stop people from being shitheads but you can help alleviate the reason they are shitheads.

  31. Referees explaining their decisions may help but not by a lot. The issue is that a lot of fans decide a referee had a bad game because he made correct decisions against their team and then start attacking him for it

  32. If not as a club, at least the Roma fans should be banned for at least a full season and Mourinho deserves some punishment as well

  33. Hmmm, I wonder what Abraham and Lukaku have in common that would have made that guy compare them?

  34. Chelsea no. 9 though oddly enough Abraham was a successful Chelsea no. 9

  35. As an Indian, everyone knows Anne Frank. When I was younger (not much, a few years ago) we had her whole diary as a part of our course. I doubt the syllabus has changed since then

  36. If you're in cbse, then you get an option between The Diary of a Young Girl, or that Hellen kellers book, I forgot the name. You have to choose 1 and our school chose the first one

  37. I'm guessing you think I'm conservative? Don't Ask Don't Tell, a deterrent to gay people joining the military, was active halfway through our most recent war

  38. Bugger naming your club’s player, signing and goal of the season (Kane, Beth England and Ash Neville vs Leicester respectively for us), what were your club’s:

  39. - Probably Chelsea's 4-1 defeat or Liverpool's 2-1 defeat against us.

  40. Shoutout to Slavia Prague who eliminated Sevilla in the Europe League round of 16 in 18/19!

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