1. Gotten very little useful information from socials. Just an extra hour on zoom

  2. Don’t waste your time. Most interview spots are already filled

  3. Never as an M3. Always as an M4

  4. Pretty sure I haven't gotten any new invites since like the second week of october. I doubt I will get any more (which is fine, I have enough) but I am definitely surprised at how early they all went out and then how it abruptly stopped. Kind of expected more of a slow trickle. This is for IM.

  5. Same. Most of mine came early to mid October and I’ve gotten maybe like 1 every 2-3 weeks since. I’m okay with the number, but I’m surprised by how quickly programs seemed to fill up, likely a product of interview hoarding

  6. Anybody else just done with these resident socials? They are so repetitive and the answers are all the same from program to program (we're a family here, leadership is really good about feedback) yada yada. I don't think I get anything from these at all.

  7. I’m literally over analyzing every interview I’ve had so far. I’ll leave thinking that I killed it, and then later that day I will start thinking of all the things that I may have answered wrong or not as well as I could’ve. I have no idea how I’m actually doing at this point lol

  8. You don’t need to go to a top 20 IM program to do fellowship lol. Just try to end up at an academic site that has some fellowships already

  9. If they say not to, don’t send one. If they don’t say anything, send one. It’s really simple

  10. I’ve officially heard (interview or rejection) from 40% of my programs

  11. Yea i think it's flipped. Super odd for me too but I don’t look good in any camera anyways so...

  12. Yup, mine was like that too, but under video settings, you can check mirrored and it should fix it!

  13. LOIs have unfortunately pretty much lost all value with how common they’ve become. When people were sending maybe 1 or 2, it was different, but now people think spamming LOIs to every program will help, when in reality, it just floods PD’s inboxes and makes them useless

  14. Well anecdotal data meet anecdotal data 🤝 My LOI got me an interview literally the next day. Seeing as this program sent out interviews starting 3 weeks ago, I highly doubt that's a coincidence. LOIs can't hurt an application, can pretty much only help. It sucks but it's just the way this game is, but saying LOIs just "floods PDs inboxes" is a pretty baseless claim, especially coming from an M4

  15. I’m going off what I’ve been told by PDs and admission committee members on social media and at open houses. I agree, it probably won’t hurt, and in your case likely helped, but personally, I’m not sending any.

  16. Alternating the same 2 suits and same 2 shirts

  17. Take with a grain of salt, but I’ve heard multiple PDs at meet & greets and on social media talk about how they don’t read LOIs because they get too many and don’t even acknowledge them. And in some cases can actually lower the applicant on their list because they find them annoying. In your case, you’ve already signaled and personalized your PS so I think it comes off a little too much. But that’s just my opinion

  18. Completely get what you’re saying. I guess my thought process is if they’re nearing the end of sending out invites, why not send them a reminder that I really like their program if they skimmed through my app already? Least it’ll let them have a second look possibly. But I do see your point

  19. No your point also makes sense. I think if the program is consistently sending out invites already, then it might be more worth it

  20. 6/7 for signals. Waiting for one. I think they’re very helpful if you use them correctly. Don’t signal crazy reaches. It’s more useful for programs that you already are within range for or just barely below, IMO

  21. Applied IM. ~ 50 applications (mostly academic with a few community). 13 interviews, 1 rejection.

  22. I think OP is referring to open houses’s which absolutely are not necessary to attend. Meet and greet after interview invites, however, definitely

  23. 4/5. Don’t plan on using the last one so not even gonna bother asking anymore

  24. I don’t mean for this to be rude, but that’s why you don’t wait till the last day. Hopefully people see this as a reminder to not wait until the 28th for eras

  25. I’d guess less than 10%. Anyone in my class who took it P/F had to delay a year

  26. Done with my in person electives by the end of January and doing absolutely nothing till first day of residency. Best thing you can do is front load your m4 year

  27. Damn, what else do you have after that?

  28. Just online electives and vacation time

  29. Pestana’s early. UWorld throughout. Surgical recall for pimp questions.

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