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  1. No but I need them now. All of a sudden my teeth are shifting to press on one another.

  2. I despise health insurance companies with every fiber of my being. Americans have no option but to pay them a monthly fee just to have the opportunity to pay the fair non-bankruptcy-inducing slightly-less-likely-to-induce-bankruptcy price for healthcare. It’s absolutely absurd.

  3. I just had a procedure on my eye today. Even with full, decent insurance my copay was $208. This was in the US.

  4. The stars look very nice. It's hard for human to draw like that and not make a pattern.

  5. I still think Corewell sounds like a healthy lunch restaurant, but I also don’t understand why people care what the hospital is called.

  6. It's not just a hospital, it's a whole health system. My primary care doctor is through spectrum, and not in a hospital.

  7. Yeah, you’re right. But it still doesn’t really bother me if they want to be called something different.

  8. I don't know. People are bad at change I guess.

  9. My husband is the cat whisperer and can do this to any cat he sees. It's uncanny.

  10. It will be different for everyone. Someone who survived a difficult case is going to be more traumatized than someone who never got it at all. As a society I think it is already fading. No one masks anymore. No one washes their hands. I work from home and I managed to get a cold. Let's hope another pandemic doesn't come through.

  11. Didn't they get popular again for a minute a few years ago?

  12. Most of that stuff is too young for me. I did watch a little DBZ. I was too old for the rest of it.

  13. Saw them live at HFStival (I know someone on here will know) and yeah I loved this album.

  14. I loved the HFStivel! I went from like 94 to 98 .i was so sad when 99.1 changed formats.

  15. Chili fries. I almost always have potatoes. Make those into French fries. Make some chili. Preferably hike made but canned if you must (I like Skyline). Out the chili on the fries. Mmmm.

  16. All right, I guess there are some constructive purposes, so a blanket ban might be overreaching. Δ

  17. As someone who needs to get healthy but refuses to go to the gym for this reason, I still agree with your argument.

  18. I never said I wasn't doing things outside the gym.

  19. Now you have to watch what you eat. 😜

  20. I was on Orilissa for two years, and my time was up last summer. I loved Orilissa. I had little pain and no growth of the endo. Now I get a lot more pain. I have endo on my bladder and bowel, so going to the bathroom is challenging. I don't think I've had a cyst burst. If so it was mild.

  21. That sounds terrible, I’m sorry you’re dealing with that. I wish it was more generally approved for longer! If you don’t mind me asking, do you use any BC or anything to manage symptoms now that has helped?

  22. I use norethindrone which is a bc. Otherwise just otc pain relievers.

  23. I love poinsettias but I have cats. Poinsettia are poisonous to cats.

  24. I had this done a few years ado. It wasn't bad. I still should have not watched it. Lol.

  25. I have small cataracts forming and I’m very nervous about potentially having to have cataract surgery.

  26. They put a lens in there that is formatted for your prescription.

  27. I was hoping they did it later and only did it this way to show off.

  28. They can tell. Just get a personal account.

  29. Your trolling is like a 12 year old. Go ahead and have the last word because you're boring and desperately need it. Byeeee.

  30. Didn't Mango Mussolini spend weeks workshopping and come up with Meatball Ron in the first place?

  31. Yeah, but he keeps saying he likes Ron DeSactimoniuos better. I personally think Meatball Ron is pure gold.

  32. Probably the only thing to come out of Tuna Don's mouth that I like.

  33. Everyone should feel this way. Congratulations for figuring it out. Some people never do.

  34. MSG. It kicks the flavor up on pretty much everything savory. And it's not actually poisonous.

  35. You’ve never heard or read someone say they are curled up with a warm blanket?

  36. Isn't that just a colloquial phrase though?

  37. I invite anyone on the right to define "wokeism".

  38. Never had religion in the first place. My parents weren't religious so I wasn't raised in it.

  39. I didn’t say doesn’t want to.. I said doesn’t have control of platforms big enough to matter..

  40. I work for a library and I can assure you that people of all ages are still using libraries. Also, they are banning these books from all public school libraries, not just elementary schools. Florida just banned a holocaust book... From high school libraries.

  41. What percentage of Americans still use libraries for books??

  42. Instead of making up numbers why don't you provide the evidence since it's your claim. What percentage of the population would make you happy? Do the same percentage of people have to enjoy the gym? Better shut it down! What about movies? Attendance is still low since the pandemic, so we better get out the bull dozer! Ooo the mall. No one goes to the mall anymore, right? Blow it up!

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