1. OP was asking how to find or make a friend group, not how to buy their way into one. Seriously, what kind of real friendship requires paying yearly dues?

  2. The dues go towards group things. Trips, parties, ect.

  3. I thought the shots were really good, but the lack of action in kinda sucked.

  4. Set poison stations outside the doors and try to find any holes that they are coming in through. We had a bad problem last year but the poison stations and sticky traps helped.

  5. I watched the original gone in 60 seconds a couple weeks ago, so many beautiful cars absolutely destroyed...

  6. Hardly. Most of those cars were at the end of their lives.

  7. I always wondered why Toyota didn’t use this platform for the new Supra.

  8. Texas does seem to be taking the brunt of the immigration problem we have so they should get federal funding to deal with it. I’m curious what they want to do with the money.

  9. You are in the wrong subreddit if you think people here would support the Christian thing to do.

  10. How do you even lease something this old?

  11. We have done very well with car washes.

  12. If you are up for it, the ancient Mayan ruins close to Cancun is awesome, and so is the Scuba Diving.

  13. You got this!! First days are hard but it’s get better.

  14. How is a college student going to get approved for a Chase Freedom Unlimited with little to no credit history?

  15. Yeah I got the Discover It card and I love it. Especially the cash back options.

  16. Moving too fast. I get afraid of losing them and end up coming off desperate and clingy.

  17. Other guys are unpredictable. In my frat we have a pretty good idea of how guys will behave when around alcohol and women and we can’t risk damage to our reputation if some geed was to assault a girl at our house.

  18. I also experienced this!! I would punch pillow, scream in my car, blast System of a Down… Anger is a natural emotion, and part of withdrawal. Get it out in any safe and healthy way you can. It passes!! Good luck to you

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