People who sleep naked, why?

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[Brady] These past two months I’ve realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands. That time will come. But it’s not now. I love my teammates, and I love my supportive family. They make it all possible. I’m coming back for my 23rd season in Tampa. Unfinished business LFG

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Zelensky says he doesn't want Ukraine's history to be 'a legend about 300 Spartans' and calls for peace

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  1. I feel like there are enough well-known recent examples that refute that, and they’ve tended to be players with similar backgrounds to Rollins’.

  2. A scene as good as should be considered a crime not to tell us the source or who the girls is

  3. It’s always the same guy (her bf or husband I’m sure) but her catalogue is pretty impressive. Usually when I want a source I’m disappointed because it turns out the video is the only one or maybe just a couple of the girl that I end up liking. But with her there’s a lot of shit and most of it is great. Have fun! Ha

  4. Giving you help and advice doesn't mean I'd be interested in joining you for a 3sum. Plz don't just msg ppl like that.

  5. 60? He would need to play 70+ for sure, which he would have done this year if smart didn’t dive on his legs.

  6. I don't think Steph's gonna play 70+ games again in his career, simply because of how the league has pivoted to analytics and rest to increase longevity of its older stars. Hence, why I said he'd have to be super efficient to warrant consideration. Kawhi won DPOY over Draymond in 2014-15 with 64 games played. So, there is some kind of precedent. Still think that one was bullshit tho.

  7. I mean he would have this year if smart didn’t jump on his legs and injure him, so that doesn’t bode well for your point.

  8. Not for us but I appreciate the advice. If we strike out we’ll just keep incorporating the dirty talk / fantasizing into our sex life. That’s fun in itself. Hopefully one day we’ll break through though lol

  9. We're in the same boat as you with two kids and trouble finding the time to get away. We've really enjoyed sex clubs and LS resorts. It's much less of a time investment than dating. It's also easier to dip into, since you can start out just having sex with each other if you're not ready to swap yet. You'll still have to find yourself a babysitter, but unless you're comfortable with bringing folks over to your house then I don't see a way around that.

  10. I must be the only one who has this issue because ive been looking for awhile and havent seen anyone even mention anything close, but one reason I dont sleep naked is because I fear of a random spider bitting me on my genitals.

  11. I don’t like the feeling of shirts or boxer shorts becoming twisted as I turn over or toss around a bit. Not comfortable for me. Sometimes I do sweatpants and no shirt but in the buff is preferable!

  12. Does anyone else’s remember the blue, red, and maybe they had yellow drizzle they used to put on McDonald’s ice cream cones?

  13. Literally vomiting/food poisoning. A low grade fever and chills. The random panic attack they've convinced themselves is a heart attack (I'm looking at you age 16-30 year olds not the 50 year old with 7 early death family members) pain rated at 5 or less. Run of the mill runny noses and chest congestion. minor breaks/fractures in bones (think fingers and toes) sports injuries.

  14. Agree with your last paragraph except for the “find out it costs more to sue…” part. Most lawyers that take on lawsuits in auto accidents don’t get paid unless the client wins, and then they get their 1/3 of the pot.

  15. Clothes fresh out of the washer right before they go in the drier. I get a few sniffs in like a creep before throwing them in the drier.

  16. This video does have sound. Blows my mind how many people don’t realize most porn gifs on Reddit have sound they just need to either browse on Apollo instead of the main Reddit app or if they are on the main app they just need to click the little red gifs link.

  17. Can anyone explain to me why Wiggins plays mostly as a 3 and D guy most games (with some strong drives mixed in) when he has the ability to play on ball the way he has tonight. He has nearly every tool in the bag.

  18. This is amazing honestly lol… the amount of power and control you probably felt in those moments was i’m guessing pretty great.

  19. Holy shit dude, you’re being steam rolled. And not by your wife but by your own lack of confidence. No offense but you are way too timid in general. You need to stand up for yourself and up the self confidence. Also hotwifing does NOT mean your wife automatically gets to play alone. That’s only one form of hotwifing. It sounds like you would rather be involved and watch the interactions so why don’t you? Me and my wife are new to the life style but we do everything together and plan to continue to.

  20. It’s not the wrong sub to ask the question in. He’s literally asking a swinging sub if his situation is considered swinging. Who better to ask than swingers?

  21. Have you bothered to read the rules of the sub? There’s no hot wife or cuckold posts.

  22. This is neither a hotwife or a cuckold post. It’s technically a hothusband post. But even so, you clearly don’t understand the spirit of that rule which is in place to prevent posts directly about hot wifing. This is a couple that’s in the lifestyle scene that was simply asking if what they did was considered swinging. And again who better to ask than swingers.

  23. It’s all the talk of a No Fly Zone spooking people. Also Putin said something along the lines of “sanctions are akin to a declaration of war” which has a lot of people reading into it too much.

  24. No, but shit, somehow I responded to the wrong comment. As for yours, take a break from doom scrolling for a bit. My link might calm you down a bit though.

  25. How about instead of WW3 predictions, just realize that every single country would have it out for Russia. They’d run off with their tail between their legs or get quickly demolished. China would not want to back them. I guess you can consider it a “world war”, but it’d basically just be against one country with no allies.

  26. Do you not know how nuclear weapons work? Or do you just assume Putin won’t go kamikaze? Because ww3 would be the end of civilization, and it’s looking more and more like Putin not only is ok with it but is trying to build a narrative to get there.

  27. Call me weird but I'm so happy for these threads these days and having each other to chat. A little bit of light in all this shitty darkness

  28. Not me. Can’t stop scrolling and my mental health is deteriorating quickly. If I didn’t have kids I would tune out and just ignore it to the best of my ability. But I’m terrified for my kids. I fear Putin is hell bent on starting a nuclear war and just slowly (sort of) escalating until he can launch by creating a false attack first or something. I’m terrified man. I want to stop scrolling and reading but I can’t.

  29. Marco Rubio: "Ukrainian TV is reporting that a reactor is on fire at #Zaporizhzhia but that it is not currently operating

  30. This is horrible. I feel like this is probably the beginning of world war 3 and the end of civilization. People don’t want to see the writing on the wall. I’m terrified for my children and for humanity.

  31. I mean, he can't. There's several layers it'd have to get through. Putin can't just reach over and push a bomb, and several times in the past, already, Soviet/Russian soldiers have refused to end the world when given the order.

  32. He’s a dictator. You have no idea if the protocol has changed for him to have direct control. And even if he doesn’t he may have true loyalists in place, people hand picked for their loyalty to Russia above all else, people either without close family or ones that would still put country over them and are willing to go kamikaze with Putin.

  33. Given how low key China is on their military strength, I imagine they’re the dark horse. Although they’re recognised as a superpower, they’re in a position to be what Russia was pretending to be, and introverted enough to keep it on the DL.

  34. The US is without a doubt the best military in the world in both sheer power and how well trained they are, but that will not help in a WW3 conflict. No one comes out a winner there.

  35. Of course Putin could be taken down if no Nukes are launched. What people are concerned about is when he’s backed into a corner with defeat imminent what he’ll chose to do.

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