1. Drifting is fun, open drifting is not. Got the accolades for it done and never played it again.

  2. Same question as above, are you using meta tunes/ cars. I just kinda use random stuff trying to not buy into meta stuff. Like my F335

  3. Monthly Rivals are more fun, because the cars are stock. I'm not doing much normal rivals anymore, but I always used meta tunes. Not super tryhard best car/w WR tune on every track, but still meta

  4. So, not that it wasn't clear to me, i'll set sail in december.

  5. Well, good luck with that. Heat is still not fully cracked.

  6. After 3 Years: "Here is why NFS XYZ is underrated".

  7. The difference is they atleast bother to fix broken Battlefields, they just abonden NFS games.

  8. On Origin you had to change the language in the settings of the Origin client. I don't have the EA App yet, but it should be there.

  9. In theory the i9 one is better, because CS:GO is cpu limited.

  10. You should be hitting 360+ fps on both on 1080p.

  11. No, BO3s are fine. Just because your attention span is 5 minutes we don't need to shorten BO3s, a format that is completely fine. Work on your ADHD

  12. Edit: Can we wait a few more days so we actually decide for ourselves?

  13. Both games are from EA. Both games had a horrible development cycle. I'd say they are pretty close

  14. Dooming a game before we’ve had a chance to play it ourselves seems a bit…

  15. Where did I already write off Unbound? All I did was point at the similarities.

  16. I was not aware the devs promised bodykits, I heard they talked about bringing more in but that's the last I heard of it. For the fixes month I was referring to more of a Rainbow6 operation health type event where the devs came together and really pushed for the fixes over content to revitalize the game and address long ignored issues but I understand the pain in the lack of content. And I also edited the post I understand my "QUICKLY" comment was a bit hyperbolic, but yes the game is dying and people are getting bored of it at a rate higher than when the game was fresh.

  17. I don't think the game is dying faster or slower than FH3/4 did 12 months after release. It has to be expected that the hype is dying down on a 1 year old game.

  18. Wrong, it's a balancing thing. If they theoretically remove both m4s, every map would be T sided.

  19. They hated him because he told them the truth

  20. Yes, that's how the game works for new accounts. Tja

  21. Its no new account. I guess you mean for new starting players...

  22. Doesn't matter if the steam acc is 15 years old or 5 minutes. For the first 10 games you get a cool down after 2 games a day.

  23. Mosler(non dlc) is by far the best S2 HW car

  24. How is this news worthy? This was to be expected.

  25. I know that this is just an opinion from watching gameplay instead of playing it myself, but the handling looks no different compared to Heat's.

  26. "Completely revamped physics" they said. Looks exactly like Heat, the same B2D garbage handling we had since 2015 with all its flaws and problems lmao

  27. Didn’t they literally say you can turn off B2D? It’s still in the game but you can turn it off now

  28. They said the same in NFS15 and Heat, but grip handling still felt like shit.

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