1. Want to point out Plutona and his Green Arrow run since I didn't see them mentioned as works to also check out

  2. Saw you didn't get many recs so I'll throw out a few. Seems you enjoy fantasy-type action/adventure so maybe titles like Birthright, Monstress, Wicked & Divine and/or Die would be to your liking? Millar also has a few series in this vain; Reborn, Magic Order, etc

  3. I didn't like it at all. The story just dragged and dragged and lots of the characters were annoying. Thiscould easily have had 10 issues slashed with minimal difference. Good art and colouring throughout. I love 100 Bullets so found this a major disappointment.

  4. Agreed. Art was too notch and the first arc was pretty strong, but the rest just dragged. Better than the current WW we've been getting tho

  5. Never got around to reading that one. Avatar Press?

  6. Providence & Crossed are Avatar. A Walk Through Hell is Aftershock, I believe.

  7. I used too read a lot of Avatar Press. Are they still making Comics?

  8. Afaik? I only read collected editions anymore, so I'm probably not the best source

  9. Count for what? Damaged sale?

  10. People generally advance search for Marvel omnis (or DC) and it gives you x number of results. So when you check periodically, if the number has increased, you know something new has been added

  11. I enjoyed Millennium a lot (by Humanoids), which is sort of a detective adventure set around, well, the turn of the first millennium.

  12. Outlaw Nation and Loveless are two Vertigo series that may interest you. While not traditional westerns, they certainly fit the tone at times. Unfortunately both were cancelled early, but still had decent enough runs (~25 or so issues) for some memorable storytelling

  13. Any reason you bought the bprd omnibus when you have all the other collections?

  14. You're looking for batman eternal to fill in the gaps between snyder v1 & 2. It ran while the zero year storyline was going on in the main batman title.

  15. I always like to recommend Rucka and Brubaker's stuff. Look into their libraries. Lots of good reading to be found there, both superhero and independent related.

  16. Theh actually had the other cover for $40 a couple months ago when I picked it up lol

  17. Not op but I really enjoyed it. Probably my favorite big 2 run Lemire did.

  18. I usually read one and break it up with some trades (image or other small publisher)

  19. Feel like Billy Cunningham has an argument

  20. I was thinking Horace for sure and Elden Campbell were both better than Nance.

  21. Idk. Nance averaged 17 and 8 with 2 blk and a stl for his career, all equal to or better than Grant. Scored almost 3k more points in his career in nearly 250 less games, and his percentages are better as well. Grant obviously has more postseason success.

  22. What is the best way to collect these? Do they have hard covers?

  23. They do, but most are out of print. Sleeper has an omnibus reprint coming later this year, and Criminal has had some in & out of stock over the last year or so.

  24. Yes. It takes place while Bruce is "missing" after the events in final crisis

  25. The Fix by Spencer. One of his (many) image runs that got shelved unfortunately

  26. Very nice! Gundam origins is sadly missing from a lot of collections.

  27. American Vampire is great, especially those early issues. Lemire MK as well. Enjoy!

  28. Okay I didn't realize ebay added on a sales tax and then based the fees off of the entire sale include shipping. Those money hungry SOBs. Thanks for the info.

  29. Ebay used to not charge fees on shipping, but people were abusing this selling things for cheap with inflated shipping to avoid them.

  30. If you're referring to the brown paper slightly ajar, that's more cosmetic than anything. I wouldn't stress about it.

  31. Last read Astonishing X-men. Currently reading Batgirl Returns. Probably read Burnside next

  32. Thought it was meh at first, but grew on me towards the end. Definitely reminded of his work on Rumble.

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