1. You mean a title that refers to a genetic sequence as "a DNA" isn't fully accurate?

  2. I have seven DNAs. Is that enough DNAs?

  3. Come up with Big Brother. While it of course was not the first reality show, it was the first show where contestants were really doing nothing and completely excluded from the outside world.

  4. A quick Googling suggests Big Brother came out in the Netherlands in 1999, but MTV started the Real World in 1992.

  5. I live how much he's evolved and come into his own. Like Conan is obviously the celebrity comedian and Sona has a rapport and chemistry from over a decade of "working" for him. But Gourley came in as an outsider at first, but had found his voice and isn't afraid of coming in with a joke now.

  6. I don't understand how you manage to outdo yourself with every creation.

  7. There is no upper limit on how many digital copies they can make. Pre-ordering makes sense for hardware, not for software.

  8. Genuinely curious here. So it's unnecessary, but does that make it a scam? If they're charging the same price as if you buy on release day, then I don't see how it's a scam. If they are charging you extra to preorder to ensure you get a copy of a digital game, then that's a scam.

  9. https://gfycat.com/adorablewatchfulhochstettersfrog-youtube-celtic-warrior-workouts

  10. That gif literally got better by the second

  11. Xia Li damn near killed him. Had no idea she was such a beast.

  12. She was like a CrossFit champion in China or something before coming to WWE. I believe it lol

  13. Yeah, I always wonder how close the relationship can be between two actors who are probably filming on location like 7 months out of the year minimum and doing 100 million things for press and PR when they’re actually home

  14. Yeah, but people in this line of work also say that it helps to date someone else in the business because they understand that lifestyle.

  15. Yet reading through this comment section, you can understand why they had this concern.

  16. I hope Conan would do a Conan Without Borders style web series but just visiting his staff's houses.

  17. But this would require any of his staffers to be crazy enough to let him in their house. Gourley only let Conan visit his backyard./s

  18. Conan said he is still paying Jordan. Hope he is keeping all the staff for HBO show.

  19. I would assume as many staffers as possible would transition to the HBO show (not counting any speculation with the Discovery merger), but I wonder if they're still getting paid right now when neither show is on air and making money. Big names like Sona and Jordan are one thing, but what about the random small staffer who hasn't made onscreen appearances?

  20. I feel like take off your pants and jacket was the last album from them I really loved.

  21. For me, I would go with their untitled album. It showed some growth/maturity that I think really benefited them.

  22. Stop making me want things I'll never have

  23. Read elipse as "eclipse". Both made me literally lol. Well done

  24. Like an eclipse, you don't want to look directly at it

  25. MSG can be linked to migraines but it's generally safe for most people. if you find that eating too much doritos or tomatoes or parmesan cheese gives you tingly lips or makes your mouth hurt, you might have an MSG sensitivity/oral allergy and should take caution. if you're already predisposed to migraines you should take caution. but most people can consume a regular serving of MSG with food with no issue.

  26. Is there a link to migraines beyond that old research that is now disputed and considered racist?

  27. https://www.menshealth.com/health/a37808983/msg-racism-chinese-restaurant-syndrome/

  28. I love how Gourley was just quietly doing good like this and Community without being a big name, but it's now becoming a bigger deal thanks to Conan and his 47 other podcasts.

  29. I have an unreasonable hatred for this. Like back when there was the possibility she wasn't going to return, not having to hear this was one of the reasons I was looking forward to her starting somewhere else. Her gimmick is all about being cool, but that's undermined when you have a middle-aged man shouting this out during her entrance

  30. I've never heard anything but rave reviews for The Miz and how he is behind the scenes

  31. That story about him throwing a WrestleMania after party for the writers really cemented him as a good person (based on secondhand accounts, obviously) in my book.

  32. The fact that Miz is the one helping all the new guys out in the locker room is so damn poetic given how he was treated as a rookie.

  33. Good guy Miz for not being vengeful and treating new talent that same way, but instead being a leader to help break the cycle and help them out. Takes a lot of leadership and maturity to do that.

  34. Maybe, idk, don’t have long, in-ring promos with a wrestler who’s native language isn’t English?

  35. It's ridiculous because this is a business where you can literally pair someone who's weak at talking with a manager who's great at talking, but they don't do it for foreign talent--which proves Prinze's point.

  36. Trying to bring in Kenzo Suzuki under the ring name Hirohito was fucking wild

  37. Wild, but also wild that they basically did this again 15 years later by trying to make GUNTHER after a Nazi

  38. Now I want to see the whole set of characters in this style...

  39. Just normal American duel between consenting adults dunno why everyone has to freak out about it

  40. Just our well-regulated militia defending us from people parking at an amusement park--the great enemy of the republic

  41. So is the implication that she has catfished all those guys like she did Joe or they just happened to come across the wrong woman?

  42. I inferred that she snapped during the apocalypse from wanting to protect herself and her bunker from others who came for help

  43. Trick question. The only correct answer is 3. Spiderman, Spiderman and Spiderman.

  44. Fresno State would need help like Cincinnati or being 11-1 Utah State's only loss

  45. I'm all for Tedford going undefeated and getting into the playoff

  46. The mental image of Nakamura coming out to Glorious is hilarious.

  47. Nakamura bases his mannerisms on Freddie Mercury of Queen, so that's probably why the Glorious vibes were first pitched to him.

  48. I thought his mannerisms were based on Michael Jackson, could have sworn he said that in an interview before

  49. It's worth noting that the nice were treated with an absurd amount of glyphosate. It's a good finding that it does have an effect on mammalian systems, but humans aren't exposed to comparable quantities.

  50. Who is "you guys"? I have nothing to do with this.

  51. That's fantastic. Thank you!

  52. The internet archives. I can send you a link later if you want.

  53. Do you mind sharing the link?

  54. Voldemort's really having some tough times

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