1. socialize and remember what made you cringe, that way you only show good stuff

  2. Oh god don't trust wikihow, you'll end up signing up for adoption or some shit

  3. You’d probably be too scared to ask for more ketchup packets irl

  4. 2003 Honda invis. Yes I know what you’re thinking, “that’s not real” of course it is! It’s so rare, no one else has it. Some, in fact, might even say it’s invisible to the naked eye!

  5. i have a vauxhall corsa and its a 1.2 but i love it because its so cheap to insure i pay like £700 to insure my car for 1 year while my dad has a vauxhall astra and for me to be insured on that its like £2,000 and i have been driving now 3 years

  6. Excellent work 47, now find an exit.

  7. Bukit jalil stadium is wayyyyy too huge for a concert, they should fill those empty places with seats or held it at Axiata. Axiata is more compact anyway.

  8. May I particularly recommend the 7” Makita, I’ve used many angle grinders and that was my ol’ reliable.

  9. You’ve just sent Fox and Rockshox back to the drawing board lmao

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