1. Saving this for when I get my next haircut lmao that style is incredible

  2. Jean Marc Vallee’s death still hits hard, it’s not like he was close to slowing down at all

  3. Why's this getting downvoted so much? Came to comment the same thing lol

  4. that’s what i’m saying, they act like it’s blasphemy just cause it’s a slower/not so flashy movie. it’s an appropriate movie if you can sit down and watch it with your kid and say “hey this working kid is tired and starving, be grateful for every happy meal i buy you son/or daughter” it’s the only one that i could think of since all the other cartoonish kiddish movies were already listed

  5. Yeah, it’s definitely the crowd that thinks kids are stupid lmao. There a lots of movies that can be enjoyed by kids that aren’t the typical Disney fluff and Bicycle Thieves is a great example of that

  6. 19, had $10k before my recent expenditure for a Japan trip. Had $3600 from my Poly internship and bursaries over the years. Also save well and don't spend outside my food allowance usually

  7. 100% is. It’s a summation of all his past ideas and his startlingly unique vision for the future of cinema. It went “under the radar” for a show that was as big as it was but I believe it’ll be something artists and audiences come to recognise massively in the coming years and decades

  8. Absolutely not. It’s only Disney adults gassing it up from the premiere. I’m not saying it’ll be bad but it’s very much the kind of film made to be loved by its audience and not really any critics circles

  9. Before Sunset dunks on those two, and I love them too lol

  10. Not exactly an accident but when you realise that what you're paying for with most outside food is rent and that you can make a lot of it at home at a tiny fraction of that price ... you save a lot of money

  11. Sometimes you can consider eating outside/dabao as saving the time to cook instead. Although homecooked food likely healthier

  12. May be just a me thing but while something's boiling or frying or cooling, I take the time to quickly do other things. Doesn't make a massive time difference to me personally

  13. Lol I'm actually surprised people are saying yes. Deodorant is the only thing I have on when I go to bed, fragrances are distracting

  14. The orchestral moments and duet at the end are amazing but i LOVE when the orchestra goes quiet and it's just the intensity of her voice and the harp. It really allows for the moment to sink in. Like I don't know if "Scrape your knee, it is only skin" would've worked if it was clouded by the orchestra. Little moments like that. Brilliantly arranged song it's insane

  15. Hair products will keep flyaways from happening- or from your ponytail holder from falling out of your hair/loosing because it gives your hair a little grip.

  16. Would a little hair oil + wetting the hair help? My hair tends to be the easiest right after I shower when I use some hair oil but I'm not sure if it would work the same when it's dry

  17. I do know that it’s not recommend to tie your hair up with wet/damp hair. It causes breakage. Which can end up creating more fly aways.

  18. I thought Miley was done before Flowers. So far it seems like a fluke but at least she did make the comeback lol

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