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  1. Once you get into coffee, as hardcore as many are here are into cigars, it opens up a new world. I almost spend as much on coffee bean as I do on cigars and I have a ton of cigars!

  2. I spent two years trying to hunt down a Mexican blonde roast that I enjoyed just so I could have something to drink with my cigar.

  3. My daughter has it as well. We call 'em "toe-thumbs".

  4. P320 RX compact Cabela’s/ Bass Pro exclusive. I paid 650 for mine two years ago. Hope that helps.

  5. I always said that this song would be my walk up music if I were a pro wrestler or baseball player. This or Cindi Pauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

  6. If you get your hands on one, the right way to smoke it is the punch a hole in the middle, light it from from the both sides, and use a pick to hold it.

  7. where can i find black baseplates? sig's site doesnt have any

  8. My personal favorite is, “You’re alright girl.” I tell my wife that in Arthur’s voice after she tells me she loves me.

  9. He’s been in a coma for 30 years, he didn’t know Diamond changed his name to Dimebag in ‘93.

  10. Their friendship is older than any of his girlfriends.

  11. Rise and shine donuts on coulter and hillside does really good burritos, and they have boudain kolaches.

  12. “ By the way, Ricky, I watched the Highlander movie. It was shit.”

  13. 2nd sucks, Holding it down for the underground, their cover of no cigar.

  14. Chance the Rapper’s verse in Baby Blue. It’s so petty that I laugh every time.

  15. I heard several years ago that HEB bought property somewhere on Soncy, but that they postponed or otherwise scrapped their plans once that second Sam's went in behind Home Depot. I got that third-hand, at best, so grains of salt there too.

  16. It’s quite possible that HEB bought property around here. They did/do that a lot in the DFW metroplex but nothing really came of it until pretty recently. My understanding is it’s just an additional cash flow for them.

  17. All y’all are misspelling kolaches.

  18. Nobody in this sub can spell clean gas station bathrooms.

  19. He’s here to talk to you about you car’s extended warranty.

  20. As I said in another reply, apparently 7-11s on the west coast are better, but man the ones in OKC and Dallas are just trash. That's my reference.

  21. It really depends on the area and the owner. Very few 7-11s in the actual city of Dallas are clean and well kept, but those that are, are usually owned by the same franchisees. When you get out to the suburbs, specifically to the north, the 7-11 quality is better and better.

  22. Thank goodness they didn't use Aminishiki as the model!

  23. Here they use an extra fine tooth comb to align the scalp of Aminishiki.

  24. Oh nice! Ok yeah this is for sure v1.

  25. Pretty sure this is V2. V1 had the sig proprietary rail.

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