1. I watch too much tv but couldn't the plaintiff's attorney object?

  2. The attorney can object to anything they want, it’s whether or not it is overruled be the judge that matters.

  3. It’s kind of subjective, if the judge deems that the sound of a fake orgasm is necessary for the defense’s argument, they can overrule the objection. In this case, I’m sure the judge knows that both Weinstein and his attorneys only know what fake orgasms sound like and would have sustained any objection.

  4. There's an episode of Melrose Place where the guys are at a bachelor party all drunk and stupid:

  5. My parents anniversary was the day after my dad’s birthday. Fucking Einstein level move there.

  6. It makes it easier to remember the name of who he is with. The real genius would be if they had the same birthday.

  7. Sarah Shahi, Angie Harmon, Vanilla Ice, Jonas Brothers, Robin Wright, Sharon Tate, Edie Brickell, Chase Crawford, Usher…

  8. Why is meatloaf not mentioned in any of these comments?

  9. And all I can think of is the eulogy Russ Martin gave.

  10. Brickwall. Just as it is. It might just be their worst song imaginable.

  11. Anything involving the Denver Airport. Secret military bunker, meeting place for some secret cult, the meaning behind the murals, the Gargoyle statue, Blucifer, etc.

  12. I can’t remember his name, but every DPD officer knows a certain homeless man (at least that was the case about 10 years ago) that has a stoma and is known to use it in the exchange of favors.

  13. That one guy at the Mavs game

  14. Well, Tyson national food factory is a stone's throw from the national nuclear weapons disarmament site. 👀

  15. And then two other people copy cat it with beetles and combines.

  16. Dudes name is Robert Curtis if it's the white one.

  17. Is there a purple one in the city too, or am i just getting my maloos mixed ip. Either way, i used to see one at the insurance place or the windows and doors place at georgia/34th all the time.

  18. I respect that, but out of the 3 different ones I have tried, I havent found one that is a better experience than I could get from a stick that's half the price of one. If you give me some recommendations for some gurks, I may give them another chance :)

  19. Ghost tube and cellar reserve 15 koi (the one that looks like a t52 flying pig) both are relatively cheap and pretty good.

  20. Wenger Giant. It’s clearly the most practical SAK in existence.

  21. I was really hoping that the knife sticker that came with would have had the DW pattern, but I’m just happy to have been able to get the knife in the first place.

  22. Once you get into coffee, as hardcore as many are here are into cigars, it opens up a new world. I almost spend as much on coffee bean as I do on cigars and I have a ton of cigars!

  23. I spent two years trying to hunt down a Mexican blonde roast that I enjoyed just so I could have something to drink with my cigar.

  24. My daughter has it as well. We call 'em "toe-thumbs".

  25. P320 RX compact Cabela’s/ Bass Pro exclusive. I paid 650 for mine two years ago. Hope that helps.

  26. I always said that this song would be my walk up music if I were a pro wrestler or baseball player. This or Cindi Pauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

  27. If you get your hands on one, the right way to smoke it is the punch a hole in the middle, light it from from the both sides, and use a pick to hold it.

  28. where can i find black baseplates? sig's site doesnt have any

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