1. The IMF is the real debt trap. They force country into taking loans even when they aren't needed

  2. Moldova being an American colony will have to comply with master's orders. They have banned opposition TV channels, are jailing and oppressing journalists. Pretty sure they will also ban communist/socialist parties too, it's just a matter of time

  3. Does it need to involve throwing half the batter on the floor?

  4. It bothers me that they're all so inefficient with it. Instead of using a small cup and going back and forth 15-20 times, just use a watering can or other pail with a spout so you can do it evenly all at once. Especially if you're doing this all day, every day.

  5. It dawned upon me that they're going for extra crispiness which would attract more people so that waste is probably offset by the number of customers they get. But still as someone who is super frugal, especially with food I find it mildly infuriating

  6. I was expecting them to break the door apart and find a concrete wall behind it.

  7. Why would we do something so stupid? If we are going to place it in a sea, we will place it in the Aegean.

  8. Why a sea? They deserve something bigger, how about in the middle of the Atlantic ocean?

  9. The trailer is hilarious and well done. Can't wait to watch see the movie

  10. Not sure where I fall on this. I've definitely packed like this before, especially from an apartment to a house in the area. It's not like I was going to individually wrap each item and then meticulously place it in that box. This thing could have been pristine and after a car ride looked very similar to this. One way or the other you are putting in the work, doing the work before the car ride or after the car ride.

  11. I think I do this all the time. The only thing is that I discard all opened food stuff.

  12. Thanks! I have my domain names there but not hosting. They used to be domain name hosting only in the past and started offering webhosting fairly recently

  13. I know, one of the best in the industry. I only contacted them a couple of times in the past and was thoroughly impressed, I'm glad they're stil upholding their standards

  14. The caption is kinda misleading. She got exactly the same thing as in promo unless she thought it would come with a bird in it

  15. You bet. It came to get some grains that will be made into flour and then spaghetti

  16. Same powder, turmeric is turmeric. I used to do that in the past

  17. Not necessarily hacked, it could be one of your plugins, but also I hope you have a plugin against brute force attacks. And as others said you need an SSL certificate. It's really hard to say anything for sure without having a thorough look at your website from the other side e.g. PHP errors, how your email is set up, plugins etc. My recommendation is to see if any plugin updates caused this and do a fresh install

  18. Maybe. Will also depend on what your ROE will say. They will probably call you, you explain the situation and then they will make a decision.

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