1. Iam sailing with a vegetarian third mate at the moment who makes it work, ofcause the choices are more limited than else. Yet i feel like this is not the case very many places. It seems every time this question is up here most of the replies suggest that its simply not a possibility anywhere at sea.

  2. I have always played sorc, start out fire until mid nightmare then i change to blizzard... i know i can solo the full game with it without much issue. I use 1 point blaze for stuff like korlic. Takes some time but it gets it done. Compared to the dmg recess on going full hybrid build, id rather just spent 10 min kiting quest cold immunes. The blizz sorc is nice to farm hell with, i like the play style alot. Tried running orb a while back, didnt really find it to my taste though. And then the new patch hasnt really made this a less ideal choice.

  3. Skifter nok en gang i måneden, går typisk i bad hver anden dag.

  4. Working in a zero tolerance company with routine surprise checks. If your piss shows traces of alcohol you are sacked. Never seen a drop of alcohol on board or anyone intoxicated.

  5. I always do a firea sorc untill mid nightmare (lvl 40 ish) and then change over to full blizz with a single point in blaze to cheese stuff like korlic. It isnt like this season got anything to get me doing stuff otherwise. Though, i wont be able to play at season start but i will join in later

  6. Conversion paladin is a nice idea. But works very badly

  7. I live in the rural parts of jutland, and i would never go live in copenhagen.... been there four times on visits on varied periods... simply too crowded and a mess. The whole thing just screams busy at me.

  8. Ahts here. The ship are on a spot market for jobs so sometimes it can be weeks without a job for the vessel. So eventually you will run out of maintenance to do and then there will be some time to go ashore, but it varies from crew to crew.

  9. Go play with a local club or gathering of likeminded.... i waited way too long with this and could have made huge improvements much earlier.

  10. TLDR: the Danish education as a maritime engineer is combined with other elements. that you may not find other places.

  11. Når man må gå sulten i seng og det ikke er fordi ens udgifter tæller smøgere, snoller, energidrikke, gambling eller andet der i bund og grund ikke er nædvendigt men en luksus.

  12. Eczema/allergi from oil can appear suddently after many years of contact... be carefull and wear proper ppe from day one.

  13. Så prøv at google beaufort skalaen og se om du kan udlede hvor meget det blæser på billedet.

  14. I can read on the comments that you have been boosted and has no idea on what the character is or do... my suggestion if you really dont give a fuck, just google gunzerker build.

  15. I dont get it, are you saying they are not breaking fire lightning immunes when used on a light or fire trap assassin or am i missing something obvious?

  16. Just got into and always are a bit opposites?

  17. Yes and no, i like that alot of builds now are viable and that the game is a lot more playable for people just wanting to do their thing.... but only if they can get their hands on this one item in the game. This should not be what game balance should depend on.

  18. Jeg blev kaldt racist da jeg gav en chauffør 3 stjerner på gomore.

  19. Han kørte ikke særligt godt og spurgte en af de andre i bilen hvad en ensrettet betød hvorefter han kørte forkert ned i forhold til den.

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