Please don’t tailgate

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

Listen, get educated, and get involved.

I'm in this with you.

[OC] Stored Nuclear Waste By State

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  1. apologies deleted original. was a little uncertain about the sarcasm.

  2. Bojack Horseman. Animated. Hollywood oriented but very dark sense of humor. Very intelligent show.

  3. I'm sorry but I can't help it. Playing the saw is like dancing with clown shoes. No matter how skilled or earnest the dancer is I'm going to laugh.

  4. My parents were born in the 40s. I have to remember that if they were still around, they’d be close to 80

  5. No you don't have to speak or share. If all you want to do is listen that's fine.

  6. Do you need to have your video screen on? I’m super shy too, and have not joined a meeting for fear they’ll ask everyone to turn their videos on…

  7. depends on the meeting. most meetings do not. they (should) list in the meeting details if video on is required.

  8. blackout curtains apparently work very well

  9. Armchair lawyer here. This is a criminal threat and is a felony. People can and do get charged.

  10. If I had to come up with a more bougie first-world protest I'd be hard-pressed to do so. People can't find housing but by god we need to feel environmentally virtuous when shopping at our non-discount semi-boutique grocery store.

  11. How are the two mutually exclusive? Can't you care about housing and the environment?

  12. Anybody else put Bugles on their fingers, or eat scoops of Nestle Quik straight out of the box? It was before they filled it with stupid vitamins so it tasted good.

  13. For me, needing love and acceptance are perfectly ok. What I am learning is how and where to get those needs met.

  14. Or Yar's Revenge, or River Raid (loved the vertical scrollers)...

  15. it's also ok to notice your attachment :)

  16. When I drive, I consider my necessary stopping distance. The closer someone is to me, the longer it is going to take to stop.

  17. Keying in the phrase- "I was my absolute best." "I am toxic."

  18. 12 Step programs are peer-support organizations based off the original twelve step group, Alcoholic Anonymous.

  19. That's sweet! Talented kids need help with contracts and legal affairs.

  20. Makes sense. Next time, try doing an AMRAP of a press movement for better results.

  21. Nothing to do with culpability and everything to do with the deepest pockets.

  22. As codependents we often twist ourselves into shapes that don't fit us in order to meet what we think other people expect of us.

  23. A good example of how data and statistics can lie, this time by categorical omission. Total waste is both stored and unstored. This map just shows stored waste.

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