1. V2 rule. The verb always comes after the first element of a sentence.

  2. Curious about what you have in mind when you describe Obsidian as a "privacy focused software"

  3. My data doesn't leave my laptop (if I don't want it to). No matter if obsidian is discontinued, I will always have my data.

  4. It sounds like you are "taking notes" by putting them all into a tool and then expecting the connections to appear automatically. It's an extremely common assumption. It's also a failure mode. In the Zettelkasten community we call it the

  5. This is one of the most qualitative post I have read regarding knowledge creation and management. Thank you.

  6. And then never repeated because, well, you know.

  7. If you don’t know how to pronounce something/what it means I would recommend using Lexin

  8. Honest and naive question — why did you ask the question in first place if it is illegal for the holidays to not be paid ?

  9. How do you achieve mobile access (or do you) with obsidian and this setup.

  10. But even in the case of nysgjerrig, there is some form of consistency with regards to the Norwegian language, no?

  11. Alright, what's your suggestion for a good site to download music from?

  12. Hei hei! Jeg lærer meg norsk, med kjæresten min. Vil er veldig glad i Norge. Det er litt for sent for i kveld og jeg har det travelt denne uken men vi kan absolutt møte snart hvis du vil :) Jeg er 36 og kjæresten er 31. si ifra ! ✌️

  13. I have used it before. Much better than most other app as far as I’m concerned as it’s the one which looks the more like a real lesson.

  14. This post has been removed because it is off-topic. This subreddit is a community for people who are interested in the intricacies of the Norwegian language and/or are learning the Norwegian language. For Norway-related matters you should check

  15. Il reste que le droit au logement existe et que si tu expulses des squatteurs, ils finissent à la rue en plein hiver avec donc un danger de mort.

  16. Mais avec ce raisonnement, c’est du coup la victime qui se retrouve dehors, et donc, en danger de mort. 🤔

  17. This. We do not know what your starting level is, we don’t know what your objective is, we don’t know how easy you learn, we don’t know what are your strengths and weaknesses are, we don’t know what kind of private tutoring you’ll be having, we don’t know how much you’re planning on studying outside of these sessions, we don’t know how much you’re capable of studying…. Anything between 1h and 8h a week is a valid answer. But all depends on the answers to the above, for which only you have the answers to. Test your own schedule, test your limits, and you’ll find the answer soon enough.

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