Oil well drilling looks absurdly dangerous

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  1. I think when the vast majority of Orthodox bishops, clergy, and lay people are anti-intellectual and anti-science (at least in the United States and especially in Eastern Europe), it's very Orthodox. When that's the majority position, then Orthodoxy as a religion IS superstitious.

  2. I understand what you are saying, you are making an empirical argument but we are talking about different things. What I meant is that there is nothing in the dogma of orthodoxy that prescribes this superstition. The practice might be as problematic as it can, but that is a bug not a feature. Otherwise, by the same logic, and using any church's logic, since all humans are sinful, therefore all Christians are sinful, therefore Christianity is sinful. Like yea, empirically that can be true, but it misses the point of Christianity.

  3. Yeah, sorry, I misinterpreted your comment as trying to make the argument of "oh not ALL Orthodox" or "that's not real Orthodoxy"

  4. Η Βρετανία έχει πολύ σοβαρότερα προβλήματα αλλά οι συντηρητικοί παιζουν με το culture war/moral panic μπας και ξεχάσει ο κόσμος το food insecurity.

  5. Η περίθαλψη και παροχή υπηρεσιών υγείας του πληθυσμού, καθώς και ο υψηλός κίνδυνος θανάτου τρανς ατόμων δίχως θεραπεία είναι μέσα στα σοβαρότερα προβλήματα.

  6. Προφανως. Τα αβολα συναισθηματα των τρανσφοβικων χιονονιφαδων τα οποια πανε να προστατευσουν οι τορις με αυτο το νομο ομως δεν ειναι σοβαρα προβληματα.

  7. Maxim Katz, a Russian opposition figure, put out a video yesterday to talk about how shaky but also seemingly unshakable Putin's regime is and compared it the the USSR of the 1980s.

  8. It’s almost like work means stability for your family, and the masculine thing to do is support your family. Weird.

  9. The masculine thing is to join a goddamn union, and together with the other working people in your community, regardless of gender and race to stand up to the bosses and make them pay you your fair share of your own goddamn labour and ensure safe working conditions for your kids' parents. But that takes true guts, unlike playing up the old trad bullshit, that any bootlicker can do.

  10. Γιατι υπάρχει το cognitive bias. Το πιο προβληματικο ειναι το unconscious που δεν μπορείς να αποφύγεις. Μαλιστα, μερικες φορες οι επιστήμονες έχουν χειρότερο cognitive bias από κάποιον που δεν έχει επαφή με το αντικείμενο τους.

  11. Χαρω πολυ χαιροπουλος. Αν ειναι ετσι να μη γινονται δημοσιογραφικες ερευνες μπας και ρωτηθουν οι λαθος ακαδημαικοι. Μη γραψει κανενας δημοσιογραφος για ΑΙ και μη ρωτησει κανεις το Yann LeCun θα εχει cognitive bias. Ελεος καπου.

  12. Δεν έχεις καταλάβει όμως τίποτα από αυτά που γράφω.

  13. Μαλλον οχι. Για βοηθα?

  14. There are differences, but one can't help but think we may have a rose-tinted view of the former because we basically only know one perspective.

  15. I'm sure all sorts of problematic things happened there and then too. What I'm saying is that the two phenomena were different and just happen to share a name. We should therefore be careful to not try to understand the one in terms of the other (both ways). Especially because of the tight association of European colonialism with capitalist imperialism and racism, both concepts entirely alien in the ancient context.

  16. Greeks are the ultimate racists though, the whole concept of worthless barbarian is theirs. I am trying to hint that there may be more similarities than we see on surface - or not. This is something to be careful about, and I disagree that we see two fully disparate cases - in both cases, we see a group of people landing on a new land and living by customs of their old land with some level of disregard for the original inhabitants.

  17. The Greek concept of barbarian is not that different from the Hebrew concept of a gentile. None of the two are at all similar to the modern/early modern ideas of racism.

  18. όταν η Δύση δεν ενοχλιοταν απ τις νίκες των Ρώσων απέναντι σε φασίστες κ Ουκρανους 😋

  19. To 20% του Κοκκινου Στρατου ηταν Ουκρανοι. 1 στους 5. Συνολικα η Ουκρανια ειχε περι τα 7 εκατομμυρια βετερανους αντιφασιστες στο τελος του πολεμου.

  20. Γενικά, εκτός και είσαι ιστορικός, συνήθως οι πηγές είναι δυσκολοδιαβαστες για σύγχρονους αναγνώστες. Εγώ θα ξεκινούσα από πχ αυτό

  21. My joycon is connected (and charging!) but is not recognized as attached. Any ideas how to fix this problem?

  22. The photo taken on a rare time of the year when it was both sunny AND lusciously green.

  23. How were they economicaly capable to support the population pre modern tourism is a mystery to me. That would be a lot of people without activity in an agrarian society.

  24. It's a fortress. Its value is in being hard to conquer and in controlling nearby shipping lanes. Similar concept as Mont-Saint-Michel.

  25. Βασικά νομίζω ότι είναι καθαρά διοικητικό το θέμα. Ο νομάρχης ήταν διορισμένος από την Κυβέρνηση. Στις περιφέρειες τους ψηφίζουμε. Επίσης οι περιφέρειες έχουν μεγαλύτερη αυτοτέλεια (διοικητική, οικονομική) σε σχέση με την νομαρχία.

  26. Όπως κουβεντιαζουμε αλλού στο θρεντ, το ερώτημα μου δεν είναι επί της ουσίας, αλλά μόνο επί του ονόματος.

  27. Το "περιφερειακή ενότητα" είναι το μακρύτερο από τα 3 NUTS

  28. He talked about it in the podcast. Maybe he's written it down somewhere else, but the podcast is where I heard it. I don't want to paraphrase what he says, he's much more eloquent than I am. But suffices to say that he doesn't compromise on safety or his values.

  29. Well, if you don't summarize it, even poorly, many of us who don't feel like listening to an hour long podcast to get the gist of it will just never know what the good answer is 🤷‍♀️

  30. Ever since I got into Warhammer, the idea that classical statues were always painted has really ruined unpainted sculptures like this for me. I mean, damn Austria, just paint your minis.

  31. So like, it's not incredible? It's just really good?

  32. Σχετικά με αυτό που λες για το πώς το κεντρικό κράτος μπορεί να πάει δουλειές στις επαρχιακές πόλεις.

  33. There are many “normies” as you like to call them. I would consider myself as such. I am cradle Orthodox, I consider myself a leftist populist, I work a regular 9-5 (usually longer… 😒), wife and kids in suburbia. We watch Hulu, Prime, and other streaming services. We believe in the public schools.

  34. I suspect that being "normie" (sorry for any negative connotations, I didn't mean the word pejoratively) has actually been the Orthodox way for two millennia. There have been other Christians with all sorts of beliefs, but if you look at church history, the people that consistently end up being called Orthodox are those that in big theological debates stand with the least socially disruptive positions. The other ones have always ended up being labelled "heretic" and the word (at least in Greek) does invoke a sense of revulsion for something that is too weird.

  35. Do you mean you can be Orthodox and advocate for same-sex marriage? I think it’s possible for sure.

  36. There are a few ways that you can be Orthodox and advocate for same sex marriage. Depends on how much you have conceded spiritual authority to the clergy and how much you are willing to go to war.

  37. Θεωρητικά αυτό είναι το νόημα των στειτζ/μαθητειών/ιντερνσιπς.

  38. That would be a great concept for a custom Loonboss!

  39. Progress can only be achieved when societies accept Christianity

  40. Yes, I know. Which is why I'm very happy they don't get to make the rules for all of society any more. Secularism is really frigging awesome.

  41. We have a thread about this video already. Please direct commentary here:

  42. Aha, thanks. I searched for it by title and nothing came up, but maybe I didn't search properly.

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