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  1. KD talks about this in the film, some very touching moments.

  2. Didn’t expect KD to open up about that in a film!

  3. I love how frank K D is. He sounds like talking to a neighbor back east.

  4. I also like his candour and am a big fan of his music, learnt a lot about Maharajji through him.

  5. Released recently with selective screenings as of now:

  6. In a freewheeling interview in the early days of running Amazon, its founder did reveal on the core philosophy of grabbing your attention since its seen as a scarce commodity by internet companies (

  7. Currently reading this one, the research done by Hari for this book is really interesting!

  8. This needs more votes! Super love this guy's science and approach! πŸ‘πŸΆ

  9. yeah the evolution of wolfs into dogs is remarkable!

  10. Thats one of my favs on YT! Had a very positive feeling the first time I heard it

  11. Toastmasters club meets every Sunday for a couple of hours at the American Corner library for doing just that, you can give that a try.

  12. Have u been toastmasters, I would like to know the experience and fees structure for it:)

  13. Its a positive place, check out their website for details.

  14. The creeps are usually more active on dating apps so the probability of you running into one here is low.

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