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  1. "We were on assignment, we were supposed to kill two birds with one stone. Destroy a piece of corporates art, and trash a franchise coffee bar"

  2. his neck isn't that long, people are just trying to be clever.

  3. He did it like this, he did it like that. He did it with a wiffleball bat.

  4. That is an RG6 shielded cable, for a high-bandwidth internet access that needs a characteristic impedance below 75 Ohms.

  5. for a person known for their sarcasm in response, this is genuinely beautiful.

  6. it seems like they're in search of an authentic and deep and meaningful relationship.

  7. do you have a standalone RGB and fan controller? or are they connected directly to the motherboard?

  8. well, yeah. you didn't think they were going to come up with it on their own, did you?

  9. you need a magnetic keystrip card for Nakatomi Plaza. or a few

  10. To be fair, nobody is going to use a cargo elevator if you can use a Tractor Beam. You need one anyway to move containers from the ram to the cargo grid anyway.

  11. we don't know that yet, right now there are restrictions on locations where tractor beams may not be used.

  12. Talking about actual stats, the C2 and Caterpillar are the only 2 ships of this "class" in game.

  13. the majority of the doors on the ship are supposed to be ramps or elevators that don't do anything besides open and close.

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