1. A kinky themed party would suggest an open minded patronage. As such, I would suggest wearing whatever it is in which you would feel comfortable. If that’s jeans and a t-shirt or anything else that others have recommended, really this is an opportunity for you to do you. Have fun.

  2. Check out the documentary about him. The Mad Writer if you can.

  3. Beginners? You must mean babies. In that case, I have a Trojan Box Set called Reggae for Kids.

  4. My girlfriend at the time convinced me that it was cheaper to hangout in Jamaica for a week than it was to hangout in Toronto for a day. She was right. That was 18 years ago. The girlfriend is long gone, but the rave family is still strong.

  5. Are you there to consistently entertain vastly different groups of people every time you step behind the decks?

  6. We did not collectively decide that incest is hot. The use of the word daddy in a sexual context is a hard no for me.

  7. I celebrate the tenants of Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. I have been doing so since the mid 90s and I will continue to do so till my dying day. If this is your vibe, then great, but I can assure you that sharing trinkets does not PLUR make.

  8. Unfortunately for me, even when I switched to ADJ's premium water based juice, it still leaves a good amount of residue in the area in front of the machine.

  9. I truly don’t. I haven’t even tried this machine yet. Some of the reviews say to use dry ice instead of ice, but that is something that is difficult to come by and no realistic in regards to application.

  10. Dry ice seems like the way to go but like you said, it's difficult to come by and hard to store.

  11. I’m more concerned about the residue build up on my gear.

  12. The first person who leans on that when they make a request will be in for quite the shock.

  13. They will inevitable sink and perish, but their stacked up bodies will provide a solid foundation for those to come who will stand on the shoulders of their experience.

  14. Suggested for you: Tired of stupid people? Buy this antistupid bracelet! Keeps all the stupid people’s stupid thoughts away!

  15. I work in an office where there are two men and about two dozen women. The women regularly destroy the bathroom.

  16. Just enjoy what you want to enjoy and ignore what others say and do. Your enjoyment of anything should have no affect on theirs.

  17. I DJ weddings and corporate events as well. I’ve been in this game for about ten years. For the 17 years prior, I was DJing underground parties and clubs. When I started doing weddings, I was the wrong person for the job. I spent a lot of time trying to trick people into listening to my cool underground music. I didn’t get that while we may use the same equipment, this was an entirely different game.

  18. Lol dying at those last metaphors. I think I’ve always indexed to being everyone’s music whore, just playing what I know they want. I love bringing people that joy, and am really good at the psychology of it, but I think I need to have some creative outlet to balance it. Also, I’ve started saying no to certain weddings and gigs pending on their taste. This year my clients are a lot of disco fanatics, burners, and like 30yo’s that used to go to festivals. Even with that, you can’t avoid the corporate/wedding standards, but it is noticeably more fun.

  19. When clients contact me, I tell them that I’m interviewing them as much as they are interviewing me. I don’t want to be the wrong DJ for their wedding. I’m booked pretty much every Saturday, so saying no to a gig because it doesn’t feel like a good fit isn’t financially detrimental.

  20. Whatever happened to AVH? I know he got a bit political at the end, but he was pushing hard to be a lot bigger than he appeared to ever make it....

  21. What are you going on about? Armand Van Helden is still very active.

  22. They already know where we are. They all have all of our info already. Having a selective service at this point is pointless.

  23. They have everything. Shoot, I had to send them a scan of my butthole just so that I could log into this website.

  24. I think there is a good chance that these events start making a large resurgence. I think a lot people are getting annoyed with “non ravers” going to edm shows to get fucked up. Or for other reasons rather then the music

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