1. when he jokingly told me he’d rail the fuck out of me for two hours straight after i complained about having no hoes

  2. 😭😭 i don’t even like him like that and ge was so straightforward about it. i was uncomfy but got turned on it was bad

  3. Can’t help but wonder if people commenting “rape” would think that if the man was white

  4. I watched the video, as he’s trying to put it in her ass she’s sayin ‘i cant’ but he pushes her arm out of the way as she tries to stop him. This is rape.

  5. The little mustache wiggle got an audible “awww” from me.

  6. apparently i posted something they didn’t like?

  7. this shit makes me so uncomfy and causes intense pain in my non existent dick.

  8. I didn't intend to offend anyone, and I'm certainly not pushing my decision on anyone else

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