1. Upon further inspection, are those the same women? Or twins? Their noses & other facial features are very similar.

  2. 1st offensive play should always be a designed QB run. Allen loves to lay a hit to get in the game.

  3. Oh my! I find it to be quite offensive.

  4. Collinsworth was really gushing all over Patrick Mahomes tonight.

  5. They were a bit over the top with Henne as well. They acted like he lead a game winning drive.

  6. You're right, he was gushing all over the place

  7. Boston has a unique relationship with 9/11 since both planes left from Logan. Like 200 people from the Boston area died that day.

  8. It was pointed out that Joe Andruzzi had two brothers who were fire fighters & 1st responders that day. New England & the NFL played that up as much as they could.

  9. Sorry your kids are sick, but very noble of you.

  10. Hate to break the news to you I am leaving hungry, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

  11. More like Jim harbaugh is the guy that hits on the pool girls while only when on vacation, but still wont cheat on his wife. most of the year he's perfectly loyal, but that one vacation to the bahamas in the winter is when he gets a little loose

  12. That sounds like the plot for season 3 of The White Lotus

  13. Confirmed: Eli & Peyton have never seen the Big Lebowski

  14. Whopper whopper whopper whopper whop her

  15. Its funny whenever I think of bands who just stuck to the same formula them and Rage Against The Machine come to mind.

  16. It's funny, my friend & I last week were just talking about how the RHCP found a formula with Californication & have been exploiting it since.

  17. I like Glued Where’s my Bob? It’s got a great song and seeing the relationship between Louise and Bob is great. Also Sheesh Cab Bob. It’s hilarious and seems like it would never be allowed now which makes it even funnier.

  18. Topsy, for electric love. It's an incredible arrangement.

  19. Bill's stupid Pats team would trade their entire roster for Josh Allen.

  20. Just got off the phone with Brandon Beane & he said it's a hard pass

  21. Have you ever listened to the Bill Simmons podcast? Take his comment with a grain of salt. A very small grain salt. About the size of a Boston Sports fan internal ego.

  22. Buffalo has the same overall feel to it that Cleveland does. It’s also trying to find its identity after being a hardworking, blue collar city for decades. That and the polish heritage throughout the city, the downtown area, and the level of drinking feels like home

  23. Don't forget the sports misery that has haunted both cities.

  24. For everyone rooting for the Bills or Bengals, do you think any of those annoying fanbases would be rooting for the Browns if roles were reversed? Absolutely not. They talk shit on the Browns constantly and I've honestly never met a Bills fan that wasn't a complete asshole about it.

  25. Hi, I'm sorry you've had a few run ins with some bad Bills fans, that's really a poor representation of the fan base. Unfortunately the reality is all fan bases have this issue. As a Bills fan, I had to deal with shitty Browns fans (including family) growing up in this great city.

  26. In the week 3 matchup against the Bills, Wilkinson (who was the defender that Josh Allen pushed) can clearly be seen grabbing & twisting Josh Allen's privates. Just trying to shed a little context on their relationship.

  27. Forgot the bongos! I want the lady telling us about her beach house. (Actually let's have both)

  28. That stretch from Bass kicking the ball out of bounds in the 2nd to the Josh Allen fumble returned for a TD was the only reason the dolphins were in that game.

  29. He legit referred to them as the champs with their back against the ropes lol. Since when did they win the Super Bowl last??

  30. In fairness they are the AFC East champs. But yeah, that's even a stretch to fit that bumble.

  31. I'd rather listen to paint dry than ever listen to Dungy announce another game

  32. This is inconclusive, so they'll reverse the call

  33. No, I think they're admitting they're becoming part of the mafia, just waiting for a proper welcome before changing the flair.

  34. Have you like been to wrigley? It’s a shitty experience at the ballpark other than the nostalgia. Concorde is too tight, my seat was literally behind a pole. No bueno. I am excited for renovations. Means the city keeps the team and something new to do.

  35. I miss sitting behind the column @ an Indians game that is followed up by a Beach Boys concert

  36. When I was in Akron, there was a dude in a pick up selling bootleg meat from a fridge in his truck bed.

  37. There's a guy named Mark the Meatman, drives around in a white cargo van selling meat out in Lorain County

  38. I’m familiar with this position after having heard it on this and other pods (I think also with Chuck). But it came as a huge surprise to me when I heard it first (probably only like five years ago or so). I think the critique is usually that they’re like a glorified bar band(?), and just thinking of some of the arrangements in even their biggest hits makes that claim pretty laughable. I don’t think they’re the greatest band ever. But it’s clear that they resonate and have a variety of styles that they bring to the table.

  39. Knew a person who referred to the Doors as elevator music sung by a drunk.

  40. For once in my life, the Purple Browns. Err I mean the Ravens and then nevermore.

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