1. Her innocent looks, fresh face, and religious background probably reads conquest to him. Which is gross!

  2. If John Ramsey was not involved with the ransom note, he would have picked it up off of the floor instead of crouching over the ransom note in his underwear to read the ransom note.

  3. I’m not a handwriting expert. That said, I’m also not a veterinarian, but I know a dog when I see one.

  4. The fact that Patsy never read the entire note or touched it shows that Patsy wrote the note.

  5. You’re definitely doing something wrong that’s scaring away legitimate SBs and only attracting scammers. Improve your profile and approach.

  6. Am I crazy? I think Miguel’s sister sounds like Fran Drescher.

  7. Why is nobody acknowledging how HOT(ish) her mom is and how Trumpy her dad looked? Like these 2 were a thing at some point?

  8. Based upon our interactions with neighbors, they are on the mild side of Seventh-day Adventists. They don’t anything except church on Saturdays including weddings

  9. Honestly, anything is possible. Dean Corll was part of a child sex exchange ring before that time, but he was in a different state. It's widely known that these exist for wealthy people. Before the Internet, they sent magazines around and people would choose children that way. Not saying it happened in this case, but it's happened before.

  10. Idk Epstein got on for decades with presidents and top tier elite and got away with it up until a few years ago. Child sex rings exsist unfortunately.

  11. Epstein was convicted though, way back in 2008. Thanks to his lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Ken Star he was free to continue.

  12. She’ll beat you and then ask you for money to pay for her plastic surgery. What a gal.

  13. Those breasts he purchased for her were money well spent IMO.

  14. An intruder did not come in thru the window, so why leave thru the window ?

  15. You don't have to follow Dave Ramsey, who is a notorious shitty employer, to understand how to be financially stable.

  16. It’s not in the settings. I’ve played with the settings for a long time. Over a period of time. I like the idea of google voice. It’s awesome. But it’s bugged and not a good RELIABLE idea for clients calling in. The other crazy thing about google voice is the contacts. You’ll end up sharing the same contact book on your phone. That’s annoying. If you have a friend Steve and a client Steve it gets frustrating, but i can live with that one. Trust me I’ve had google voice for a minute. I’ll try to see if the settings have changed as of today

  17. You can't reside outside of the US and maintain your green-card. A token visit here or there won't help, either.

  18. HR is stuck in the 2000’s. They think they can screw over employees and they won’t leave. They have power points that prove this.

  19. Given that the company has choose to ask this question, there are only 2 candidates for what they view as the correct answer: "strongly disagree" or "strongly agree"

  20. Risk is generally bad in the eyes of the government and insurance industry.

  21. Ironically, the reason for the different parking lots and shit is because Microsoft got sued back in the day. Part of how they lost is that the court said their contractors got most of the same benefits and were treated the same as the FT employees.

  22. I think the lesson was that contractors are forced to take a minimum 2 week break in their contract.

  23. Including allowance will probably get you quickly banned on S.

  24. Can't be a micromanaging hall monitor type if your workers are not right under your thumb!

  25. Do you know how hard it is to sexually harass employees via Teams?

  26. Thank you for posting. My parents had one in the 80s and i have never seen the inside

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