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  1. This place is in our neighborhood - not sure if it’s to your liking

  2. The second little white dog was hypoallergenic

  3. Unfortunately no such thing.

  4. Can you transfer the funds to a checking account?

  5. You can, but after 2 incidences of people withdrawing money (they might have both been accidental errors), I changed my checking account, and I'm wary of using that unction. Chase investigated and returned my money both times, but they said if this kept happening, they might not continue doing this.

  6. Ugh sorry! That f’in blows!

  7. Black Market Liquor bar has great food from a great chef (Antonia Lofaso from Top Chef), and a nice cool adult vibe. Reservation recommended (even dining tables feel like you're in a bar) but there's a chance of snagging a seat at the bar without one.

  8. BMLB has been my jam for over a decade. Love it more than Scopa plus it’s way closer to home lol

  9. omg YES. my husband said yesterday that anthony reminds him of jimmy kimmel, but this is so much better. i cant wait for him to wake up so i can tell him this important discovery.

  10. I was gonna say Jimmy Kimmel too 😂

  11. They wouldn’t get extra pay. Bravo’s POV is that they could spend the least while filming to get “content.”

  12. They sent an email out.

  13. Can you get support from a IBCLC?

  14. I read their knafeh is supposed to be 💣 too 🤤

  15. Hi! I know it’s been a while, but I was wondering if you still had that promo code?

  16. I googled it - it was probably some ~* family influencer ~* lol LOPEZLITTLES

  17. My baby is 7 mos (19.5 lbs) and I went back to work 2 weeks ago. She took a bottle once a day since 3-ish mos but I primarily nursed while I was on leave. She drinks between 4-5.5 oz.

  18. I didn’t see it in store, only online with free delivery. Also included a $10 and $20 code for

  19. Good point, I saw this listing online.

  20. Have you talked to your partner about this? I’m not close with my in-laws even though I’ve been with my husband for nearly 14 years, married for half of that time. We live in different states and only ramped up communication via text and FaceTime since having baby (now 7 months old).

  21. Dawn Powerwash? Or maybe Bar Keeper’s Friend?

  22. Arnett Farms posted about some not too long ago - they’re at a bunch of Farmers Markets, check after this weekend because many might be closed for NYE

  23. Try it and see if it suits your taste!

  24. Yo, your username 💀. Happy Anniversary of Luann’s “arrest.”

  25. Unrelated to your question but have you guys sponsored your parents to adjust their immigration status?

  26. Not everyone is eligible. If they EWI, they might be protected or fall under 245i but again, that’s not everyone.

  27. Maybe Grand Casino? No booze but they’re open til 8 their website says.

  28. Before I knew anything about Nespresso, I called our local Nespresso Boutique and gave them our friend’s phone # - I was able to figure out that correct pods to gift them 😬

  29. Try calling Handy Market?

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