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  1. It's me too. Our Big Bend trip made me feel like a Texan more than any other experience in this great state. Can't wait to go back.

  2. Also within big bend. The old maverick trail. To terlingua. Loved it. Did it at midnight and stopped half way. Outstanding. Not a soul in sight.

  3. It was the same the Texas Panhandle, out between Perryton and Spearman. No ambient light and SO MANY STARS!!!! And they felt so close!!!

  4. Interesting. I read an article about the great wide swath of land in pan handle Texas. Basically south of Amarillo and north of Abilene. Some private ranch or whatever. There is very less population. So minimal light pollution

  5. He got confused. Should I take support of the pier or the boat or the water ?

  6. It's likely all contaminated home brew confiscated from stores selling it to unsuspecting customers. The children in africa would probably go blind if they drank it.

  7. Can you post the ytd from ibkr so we can see it

  8. That is super impressive. 400 % Ytd roi. I am barely 40%

  9. Tldr of tldr- “everyone has a plan till you get punched in the face “ mike tyson

  10. Well they said the same for nikkei japan index. In 1990 it was 33 k. It’s been 32 years. Hasn’t reached back. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Can hover around here for a decade. Who the duck knows

  11. see what Scarface says about money and power

  12. 183 west is not west. It’s going southwest. And the true west is the 820. #gofigure

  13. If you miss it. Ha ha. I was supposed to go west and I went the left one and then you have to do a 2-3 mile loop. Good thing is if you take the expressway ( $). It’s opposite. Straight road is west and right exit is south

  14. Is it safe to feed a small dog10 lb) a bit of brisket

  15. Never let it get itm. - roll it. When all fails go to the highest building in your neighborhood and roll off the terrace.

  16. Fyi Naked strangle is 45 k ballpark. For a portfolio margin accoutn.

  17. Money doesn’t give you an advantage. Tiger cub guy. Hedge fund. - 10 billion became 5 billion in first half of this year. Go figure

  18. There are 2 levels of money needed - > 25 k. Avoid pattern day trading.

  19. What's his source that the bottom half has declined? From what I can find, it's similar to the chart at the top of

  20. No one cares on source. It’s eye candy. - good for cocktail party small talk

  21. He and pocahontas. I forgot her name. Same thing they rant. Enough enough - rich getting richer. Why can’t they pass tax laws like Sweden 70% in top bracket. Etc.

  22. Yeah. It will eventually swing from no inventory to a glut of unsold houses. 2008 all over again - but wait. Everyone thinks. This time it’s different. When you come to Texas. Just look around we have land to build a billion houses. Ha ha

  23. If I wuz in the car. I would have also tried to do a wheelie to meet him half way ! Wud have accelerated!

  24. No I’m not a new trader. I’ve just never heard of that term before

  25. There is no fucking “edge”. No one has an edge. Information moves too fast. Efficient market . Everything is priced in. What isn’t and can never be priced in is fear and greed. Fuck the black s holes model

  26. Held a loss to long today. Gave everything back I earned this week, shit hurt. Hurts even more, because it ended up going back up after I sold it after hours

  27. Ja- she should definitely take up a career in law. Can you imagine her convincing a jury. “ did you fucking see it ?”

  28. How did the call side work for you today ?

  29. Sold spx 3990. For 45 cents. Was 4$ at own time. Diamond hands. Expired worthless

  30. And I assume he has never cleaned it up if any food splashes. Etc ?

  31. That’s like asking your ex to bang one last time after she dumped you for another guy 😂……..😞

  32. 50 year old here. My neck of the woods these are

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