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  1. You, for posting a crossover image of two things that I like, lol

  2. Your name is excellent, Adam! If someone doesn’t like it then they’re a loser, plain and simple 😤😤😤

  3. Ooooh, just noticed the username! Also: cum drinking hot!

  4. Not to be a bleeding-heart libcuck or whatever, but I’m kinda with rose-in-a-fisted-glove on this one. They could have, and perhaps should have, been more tactful about it, but being a pedantic asshole is not necessary. If you understood what the person was saying, then it doesn’t matter that there are spelling mistakes. Also, while there are definitely plenty of people who spell poorly because they simply aren’t good at spelling, there are a number of people who have learning disorders that make it more difficult for them. They might be perfectly well enunciated and clear when speaking, but come across dimwitted over text because they have dyslexia or something. It’s not a good idea to just assume that the reason someone has a bunch of spelling errors in their writing is because they’re unintelligent, or not applying themselves. In fact, is it really a good thing to belittle people for being unintelligent? It’s not their fault their analytical abilities aren’t as strong. And finally, since belligerent disregard for the opinions of others is the primary flavor of this screenshot, it seems awfully bold of ymg0 to grade someone’s non-assignment tweet while unironically having a Pepe the Frog profile picture. Thank you for coming to my ted talk

  5. What is the post these comments are on about? I feel like that context could be beneficial

  6. Thanks! The context has not helped me much, but I appreciate your help!

  7. All these comments, and only like two people brought up the fae? There whole thing is using technically true communication. Admittedly, they would still struggle to take the name of a wary individual, as they could just say no, which someone else pointed out, but still! The fae are way more interesting than whatever Pokémon-based shenanigans might also occur

  8. I mostly use Visual Studio, and I can assure you I don’t know much

  9. What does Disney have to do with this? As far as I am aware of they don't have any connection to DC Comics.

  10. TLDR, Disney is behind much of the lobbying that has made it take so long for characters to enter public domain. They did it so they wouldn’t have to give up control of the mouse

  11. country music noises She thinks my tractor’s sexaayyyyy!

  12. hes using tinder and failing. i highly doubt that

  13. 1.) Most interactions on Tinder end in failure of some kind. 2.) He’s putting his authentic self out there anyway. Therefore: gigachad

  14. Probably a little more profitable to make fleshlights, but dildos would certainly be highly profitable, though I imagine that either endeavor would either have a high unit price or be totally destroyed as a result of GW meddling 😂

  15. ‘Plague Guard Dildo’ Now There’s a thought I never wanted to have 😂 I suppose it could be worse. Probably a bladed one for either Khorne or Slaanesh

  16. As long as you can do it safely, I’d recommend bringing it up again. It’ll be great if she does start using your pronouns, and from your post it sounds like the most likely thing to happen if she doesn’t is that the situation won’t change much. You know the situation better than I do though, so proceed with caution, and don’t go further if you think it might worsen the situation. Good luck!

  17. Guess you could say that skeleton is “boned” 😏

  18. I can’t really say for sure what I’d do in such a situation, but seeing as we are all human, and as such are entitled to autonomy, I see no reason you should feel obligated to them. No one can compel you to act, and no one can punish you for not acting, even if it would save someone from certain death

  19. Catch me carving this into pumpkins and leaving them on rich peoples’ porches as an omen 😂

  20. Sometimes I feel like a fraud on here for not knowing everything about everything, but then I see a post like this one 😂

  21. What character is this? I’ve seen this funny little cat person several times now, but I don’t know their name

  22. Literally watching a Click video as I’m typing this, lmao 😂

  23. I tried typing it into a search engine, and it just returned a bunch of unrelated items, the first one being, which claims to be “an official website of the US government” in a way that makes me think it is not, in fact, an official website of the US government

  24. I got stuck in the middle and am thusly good at Neither 🙃

  25. I tried to find that one picture of a clown dude shaking his own hand in order to link it here, but I couldn’t find it, so just imagine that I did and laugh :)

  26. Until I read the comments, I was half thinking he might be worried he’d “catch the trans” or something

  27. I can't help but see the lyrics like a trans/questioning person "arguing" with their gender identity, maybe even the AGAB and desired gender singing different parts of the song.

  28. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it’s definitely an interesting interpretation

  29. Anyone else hear the version of that “no strings on me” song sung by that evil robot from the Avengers?

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