A video from yesterday anti-Hijab protests in Iran showing Hadis Najafi (21) getting ready to stand to the security guards. Today Hadis was announced death by her family after being shot 6 bullets in her chest. Remember her name #HadisNajafi

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  1. I am pretty sure the people behind the freetheleopard chants still want to free the leopards. It’s not a anti-german movement it’s a pro-ukraine movement.

  2. So why is the news of NATO allies chickening out downvoted so much you have to look under "controversial" to find it in this sub.

  3. Muss mich das als NĂŒrnberger interessieren? Also ist das bundesweit maßgebend oder wie?

  4. Ow sorry i forgot Eu budget its only paid by Germans ? And only Germans can take credit for giving Ukr this money ??? Being Leader of Eu doesnt make u a absolute Ruler of Eu. Eu and Deutschland aren t exchangeable with each other

  5. This is the share in EU aid only paid by germany so yes. For a gopd comparison it has to be included.

  6. Better drag feet for all Eu like Germany trying apear like helping.

  7. more aid by gdp than the US if you include the EU money they paid as well.

  8. This is just turning circles because you are actually not even acknowledging the real issues and points made. (Guess a fire with military ammunition in a cool turbine hall is totally safe, guess we dont need multiple government agencies dang you so smart. I wonder why attacking a nucleat power plant is a war crime. They seem indestructible and everything is redundant. lmao) Also not taking into account 270 000 people having to be evacuated is just insanity in the study "by harvard" for safety. Also no discussion of storing danger. Thats one of the problems with the metric.

  9. A player joining a team for two years to build up his skill and physique who then gets unceremoniously booted out but finds himself joining his old team's rivals and winning the European Cup work better as an analogy.

  10. No it doesnt because of an already established limited scale and scope. They werent in teams in WW2. They didnt fight together, they didnt supply each other, they didnt do shit together. Also it doesnt work because in your example they are willing to play for that team but in reality we know they always saw nazi germany as their enemy.

  11. Oh, I got that. They just agreed to play together, seizing eastern Europe in this case, until Germany broke the agreement. I mean, that happened. You can say it was a temporary thing, and I agree it was always going to be such, but it still happened.

  12. The demarkation line partitioned only poland but yes I think we are kind of on the same page here.

  13. My dad used to play for Chemnitz so I actually find this stat very interesting. Thank you for making yourself look like a dick

  14. Thanks. I always find quite fascinating the history of smaller German clubs. Does BFC has a newer wave of fans or their fanbase is dying in favour of Union or Hertha?

  15. Of course they have younger fans as well, but are mostly dying yes.

  16. I know a lot of people in germany that have a rather unfavourable view on firefighters.

  17. while people are more conservative in the countryside in general those incidents surely happened in the new federal states, no?

  18. Also happened there. But since neonazis prefer organizations with strong hirarchy + strong community ties + heavily male dominance + this sphere of society wasnt as denazificated as the police it has been a trend since WW2 while open neonazism in organizations in the new federal states was only really starting after renunifaction. After reunification loads of neonazi organizations that have managed to establish themselves in the west went to the east to recrute young people with over 50% unemployment.

  19. Ask Occupy Wall Street how well that went.

  20. isnt Occupy one of the most sucessfull protests in terms of range? I dont know enough about how it ended. Not my country.

  21. majority in the sense of area yes. Population most definetely not. Russias HDI is just below portugal and just above romania.

  22. https://www.reddit.com/r/supporters/comments/yjafs2/antirebull_chant_by_karlsruher_sc_ultras_from_2015/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

  23. It's true that they have more territory in Europe than Turkey technically, but the cultural connection is very thin.

  24. Thin but its not like it isnt there. Horse riding culture for example is a rather big similiarity. From the sorbs in germany, to hungary to crimean tatars.

  25. Not in Sweden. And burning a flag is even the only traditionally accepted way in Sweden to dispose an old flag which have been worn out.

  26. burning is also a way to dispose of a flag in the US flag code.

  27. You're either young, niave, an Ultra yourself, or someone who has friends you feel you need to back out of loyalty. Dutch, French and Spanish ultras are known for violence. You're here commenting on a post about Spanish Ultras giving players death threats. Italy Ultras are known to be linked to the mafia and are also known for violence. Football in Sweden isn't really big enough for their Ultras to be that passionate, but even they are known to be disruptive outside games. Russian and most of the Eastern European Ultras are know for being extremely violent amongst other things. The biggest exception to the rule is probably Germany but even they go too far sometimes creating an atmosphere that steps over the line. Even the relatively new USA Ultras saw what European Ultras are like and just became hooligans with a fancy name.

  28. Never read that much bullshit about things you obviously no nothing about. Confidently incorrect all around. Also first assertment wrong except for "young" wtf.

  29. I only mentioned young because you could be impressionable. I grew up around hooligans and Ultras, 2 members of my family were hooligans, and I grew up around the culture.

  30. Gab ne Zeit da hĂ€tte ich das Eindrucksvoll gefunden. Heute sehe ich da einen chronischen Berufsstudenten, der Bammel hat vor dem Eintritt ins Berufsleben. Das Unileben kann man sich schon ganz schön gemĂŒtlich machen, selbst in den "taffen" StudiengĂ€ngen.

  31. Finde das ganze hinabschauen auf die Berufsstudenten und Chronischen Dauerstudenten etc etwas affig.

  32. Ich bin jetzt nicht prinzipiell gegen "Blasen" das lÀsst sich ja nicht vermeiden. Und auch nicht gegen das studieren als Qualifikation.

  33. Die Judikative kann aber nur die RechtmĂ€ĂŸigkeit des staatlichen Handelns kontrollieren. Innerhalb der rechtlichen Grenzen könnte der ÖRR ohne Bindung an den durch ReprĂ€sentation vermittelten Volkswillen tun und lassen was er will – und das mit dem Geld der Steuerzahler.

  34. Genau das ist der Punkt. Du kannst demokratosch legitimiert Stellschrauben am ÖRR drehen. Du kannst ein NeutralitĂ€tsgebot gesetzlich normieren, du kannst die Ausrichtung und Finanzierung normieren aber die Legislative sollte KEINE Möglichkeit haben inhaltlich rumzupfuschen. Ein weiterer politischer Aufsichtsrat fĂŒhrt doch nur zu mehr Skandalen wie der aus dem ursprĂŒnglichen Rahmen.

  35. "Meine Stadt" by Auletta is the most similiar song I can think of.

  36. Das ist direkt schon ein gutes Beispiel fĂŒr ein ideologischen Argument. Man kann auch einfach ĂŒber die Sache selbst reden, aber sofort kommt der Beissreflex nach rechts, das ist unfassbar und genau was der Artikel meint.

  37. Der Artikel schwafelt doch davon dass es angeblich keine ideologiefreie Diskussion gibt und stattdessen Friedrich Merz der arme MĂ€rtyrer angegriffen wird.

  38. Idk man. I get what you’re saying, but you don’t need a degree in American political science to make a tasteless fat joke, and they are constant. Not just on Reddit and not just Europeans either.

  39. I've not heard that joke in person in europe since elementary school. The world really doesnt spin around the US nearly as much as it would seem on the internet and as much as american exeptionalism would make it be perceived.

  40. Our healthcare system and food deserts have a lot to do with it. Before the knives come out, yes, tackling obesity requires personal control I know, I know. But a complete lack of free public spaces, a lack of preventative healthcare and often a lack of healthcare in general truly impacts how people interact with their bodies, and it makes you much more prone to the kind of issues that limit mobility and bring on obesity.

  41. I am a pretty politically engaged person in europe and tbh we are not talking about US healthcare or domestic politics nearly as much as you would see on reddit. Every few years or every year there is some election going on or the run up to an election where we kinda dive in to some lunatic politician with high chances, then paired with the biggest struggles domestically for both sides, then we get out again.

  42. Germany hasn't given much in terms of what they could. Poland is one of the top givers, giving more than 3x Germany in terms of GDP.

  43. And germany is giving more in percentage of gdp than the US if you also add the EU shares(Figure 5 Kiel insitute aid tracker), which is obvious since germany is the biggest contributer to EU budget and is pushing for more european actions instead of everyone doing their own thing. Btw. Looking at the biggest EU net receiver of money will be another shock for you.

  44. Bruh, the US is also dragging their feet. They are giving a lot more lethal aid than Germany thigh. This tribal shit ain’t gonna work with me. A spade is a spade and I’ll call it that way. Both countries need to step the fuck up and give more and better weapons.

  45. Its not tribal shit its totally stupid. But looking at this whole argument I see that facts and perspective dont really matter to you anyway. A country with a 4.3 trillion dollar gdp giving half a percent of it as aid is not impressive to you. And a country giving 0.8% of its 0.7 trillion dollar gdp is THE ULTIMATE SHIT. You are totally buying into that whole victim complex that they are pushing.

  46. Das ist halt wieder diese elendige Diskussion ĂŒber Frauenquoten die zwar eine richtige Frage stellen aber die falsche Antwort geben. Halte ich nichts von und ĂŒberrascht mich nicht das 2/3 auch andere PrioritĂ€ten fĂŒr unsere Regierung haben.

  47. Wenn 2/3 der Bevölkerung sagen ParitĂ€t ist ihnen scheißegal weiß ich wirklich nicht ob die PrioritĂ€ten da jetzt tatsĂ€chlich richtig gesetzt sind. Und auch 1/3 der Bevölkerung denen ParitĂ€t wichtig ist, diese aber offensichtlich derzeit nicht bekommen, sich dementsprechend derzeit nicht vollends widergespiegelt fĂŒhlen.

  48. Our birth rates are sinking and we definetely dont know why. /s

  49. Kommt darauf an, was fĂŒr ein Typ Mensch du bist oder sein willst.

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