1. lmao I was thinking, if you do your roast with cocacola then worry you used the wrong flavour and might ruin it, yeah man that ship has sailed.

  2. Yeah but those young man are a "privileged class". They don't need any of that engagement. Or that's the kind of ideas being pushed forward nowadays, at least. Could it possibly have some connection to this phenomenon? Maybe we should ask these experts and academics.

  3. It means they are viewed as "the problem" and not a symptom of other things that are in desperate need of fixing.

  4. Normally I'd send you away from this sub to something else like a legal advice sub, but this is beyond that as well. You really saved the punchline to the very end.

  5. The alternative argument is that providing a home to someone is a serious obligation and that 2 months is nowhere near enough notice for someone who has lived in a property for 23 years. I would suggest at least 6 months.

  6. I don't think the person you're replying to is saying the notice should be less. The problem is that the whole section 21 is being scrapped. I rent currently and I'm against that because no reasonable person will willingly want to rent anything out if they can't get back their own bloody property when they want it. And if it happens when I get my own place I'd never rent it out under any circumstances, I'd rather just leave it empty.

  7. Yeah those are very nice words. But I live in this country and I know better than to just take the government's word for it. Well anyway, I hope you are correct.

  8. So it's alright to whore herself for a thousand strangers but a huge issue if it's her step dad, who technically isn't even related to her. Make that make sense.

  9. Anon is 100% right. The internet can claim what they want but for medical experts "pedo" means attracted to prepubescent children, which means those who can't reproduce. And hence being attracted to teenagers, is not considered a disorder, whether it is legal or not. The age of consent exists to prevent abuse of vulnerable individuals and has no other purpose, otherwise the different age in different places wouldn't make any sense.

  10. Is oxyclean better than using bleach? I'm wondering cause this stuff is very expensive where I'm at. $32 for 5 pound tub.

  11. Right. It's so expensive I sometimes wonder if it's better to just buy new stuff.

  12. Hardly fits this sub. A rather interesting character only one tier below Chrischan. He deserves at least a documentary.

  13. Maybe these women should stop reading literary pornography written by men for men and instead read something they like rather than complain about something they don't. How insufferable does one have to be to actually think she is oppressed by the existence of content she doesn't like?

  14. That just reads like someone with a bit too much time on their hands brute forced the account after learning about what happened and wanted to rile people up. Probably not that hard when the real account owner is, well, dead.

  15. How does a person being dead make guessing a password easier? I'm really curious how they did it.

  16. It was my first thought lol, is that really a paella or does it just look like it

  17. This was my thought exactly. Congresspeople should get the same benefits as their constituents, whether that's PTO, healthcare, retirement, etc.

  18. There is no such thing as 'free FX'. Free means it doesn't have a fixed transaction fee which will hurt you badly every time you buy a coffee or something.

  19. Oh perfect, I was looking to justify hating on the few safe spaces women have on Reddit and this unsubstantiated hyperbole is exactly what I needed.

  20. Probably because it is fake and rage bait for the sad characters at 2X. Literally no woman who frequents that sub would be asking this question genuinely.

  21. I got fired a few months ago but I get to rest in the knowledge my idiot boss is still fixing her broken range rover and will always be still fixing her broken range rover.

  22. Justified in his actions??? As a European I'm speechless. Also the way he fires his gun, with his eyes closed. He could have shot innocent bystanders with this stupidity.

  23. When I first saw this I thought he's some gangster who was living in constant fear for his life. That would explain his behaviour. But no, turns out it is just some American who thinks his life is some sort of action movie.

  24. It's like he was talking to it and saying come on fall down, just a little bit buddy.

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