1. I combo fed for about 3.5months before switching fully to formula. It was a life saver and made our lives so much easier. Something I didn’t realise when I was breastfeeding is how hormonal it makes you. When I slowly weaned to formula fully and I stopped breastfeeding it felt like a huge hormonal crash! This came with feelings of guilt and uncertainty about if I had done the right thing etc. however after a couple of weeks I felt a million times better than when I was combi feeding, calmer, less stressed, more clarity about how much she was eating and we even fell into some kind of routine. Everyone was happier. Don’t feel guilty about stopping something that’s not making you feel good. Baby just needs to be fed, regardless of the means. You’ve done brilliant breastfeeding til now, if you need to supplement then great! Go for it! If baby ends up showing preference to formula and you think you’ve come to the end of breastfeeding, then that’s okay too.

  2. We have a similar dynamic with my friend’s kid (2yo) and my baby (and my cat and dog). I warn the toddler “be gentle with the cat as she might bite you”. Being straight up like that just makes everyone clear on the boundaries with animals.

  3. You can never have enough muslin cloths, nappies, wipes, baby bath stuff and bibs. We always appreciated those, no matter how stocked we were. And if you wanted to get something sentimental, maybe a classic book - hungry caterpillar, tiger who came to tea.

  4. One and done over ere. Similar reasons to you apart from my pregnancy was fine but mainly I just don’t want to spend the rest of my 30s in pregnancy/newborn phase. Love our daughter to the moon and back, but I don’t know if I have the energy or patience to do it all again with a toddler in tow. I don’t think it’s selfish to know that you only have enthusiasm and energy for the one. It’s actually very mature to recognise that tbh.

  5. Omg I loved my catheter too! Everyone thinks I’m weird for saying that. I had an emergency c section and not having to get up and go pee was ace. I just drank and drank with no consequences lol

  6. Haha I’ve given up the high chair ghost and now we eat on the floor. Chaos but it’s far more relaxed for all involved

  7. Awful sister comments aside. The bit that worried me the most is you saying you felt bad about your c section??!! Coming from a fellow emergency c section mum, please please do not feel bad or guilty for having a c section. That technology is here for a reason, to keep mum and baby alive! You should be damn proud of yourself coming out the other side of major surgery with a lovely baby.

  8. Cried showing my baby the old Christmas Coke a cola advert the other day…”holidays are coming, holidays are coming”…yeah, felt a bit like a weirdo after

  9. Hahaha aww you’re not the only one. I wasn’t the most sympathetic before pregnancy n birth tbh. But now if he has a complaint I don’t even hear it. We do have a laugh about it though, luckily he’s got a good sense of humour

  10. Yes i love this!! We are able to laugh about it too most of the time, key to a great marriage 😅

  11. It’s true! We all had colds recently, baby had it pretty bad with bronchiolitis. When we were in the thick of it he told me that he felt like he had a temperature..pretty sure I said “oh really? I’m sorry I just don’t care that much” 😂 we were both at the end of our tether and I honestly think we burst into laughter. All better now, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

  12. I was literally laying in the couch with the baby on the boob and a glass of wine in my other hand last night. Plus wheat thins and cheese. Most relaxing night ever. Get a straw and have a drink girl lol

  13. Get a straw - love this vibe

  14. Yeah relatable. I raised some family eyebrows when I put up my maternity clothes and Moses basket for sale 🙄

  15. Omg weird! We had something similar the other day. Me and my partner were in tears watching the Christmas Coke a Cola ad “holidays are coming…”. Her little eyes lit up and we were both in absolute bits watching her watching it. I’m so excited for Christmas but I swear I’m going to spend the entire time crying

  16. I didn’t cry, but had a really lovely moment the other day. For the first time ever, my 7mo was content just cuddled up to me in bed in the morning, playing with her toy, dog on our laps, whilst I sipped my tea. She was totally still and content being rested against me rather than wriggling around or wanting to be somewhere or grab stuff. Stayed there for ages before I had to get up, but I could have stayed there forever.

  17. We’re one and done. For multiple reasons…the main one being, I just don’t want another child. I looooove my girl so much, both of us do. But the thought of having to give up my body to pregnancy and birth again gives me the ick. Going through the newborn phase doesn’t appeal to me and we simply cannot afford another little being in the house even though we both work good jobs.

  18. I look terrible in my picture and my mother in law, ever the peach, told my husband I "dont look happy" and that he should "keep an eye on me" when I'm with the baby because I didn't look interested in her. And that's all I ever think about when I see that photo.

  19. Ew what a depressing thing for her to say. If you don’t look dishevelled, sweaty and disinterested in life then have you even given birth?!

  20. My daughters heart rate fell right before she was born and they stopped doing the fun "let's have this baby" act and called in like 6 more people in case they had to vacuum her out. I spent the last 15 minutes of labor trying not to cry because I was so scared and then she made it out and I was just so relieved I cried and cried. So yeah. Sorry I didn't look happy enough. Lol. I hate my MIL so idc but I just feel like I can relate to OP because even though I have a photo, it's ruined and just makes me annoyed when I see it.

  21. Awww man! That sounds like pure stress. I had a similar ending to my labour too, ended up in emergency c section after failed forceps 🙃 they popped baby on my chest and took a photo. No idea how I forced a smile, all I was thinking was “please take her off my neck, I can’t breathe”. So always get pangs of guilt seeing that pic. Weird how those feelings rush back at a single photo isn’t it

  22. I totally relate to this. Also FTM but baby is 7.5 months now. The first few months I felt like this around our friend’s kids and other kids in the family. Very nervous and didn’t like them “holding” her or touching her. The last couple of months have been great because my baby is far more bulky, has more character and stands up for herself when she’s had enough. It’s much easier because if she doesn’t like the vibe of a kid she’ll just scream at them and reach for me 😂 kids tend to tread more carefully with her because she can voice her own concerns and she’s not just a blob of a newborn. So just give it a couple of months and yours will be a little person and ready to tell her cousin when enough is enough

  23. This is what I'm waiting for! I keep telling my family that they can be left to interact with less intervention when my son is big enough to dodge a pokey finger and shout when he's had enough.

  24. Yeah absolutely. If a kid poked her in the eye now she would go ballistic! I remember taking her to my partner’s cousin’s house when she was 6 weeks old. They have two little girls who were hyper and touching/poking her the whole time. I’m not necessarily an anxious person but that stressed me out beyond belief and I just wanted to take her away from them all. Now I genuinely wouldn’t care because she’d just yell in their faces when she had enough. Also once they turn about 6 months they seem to start enjoying the company of other children too.

  25. Our baby was born over thanksgiving weekend. The day after we came home from the hospital, my dad came over and cooked us a whole turkey dinner with all the fixings, then made a giant pot of soup out of the leftovers. It kept us fed for a week!

  26. This is the life. This house hold is suffering from a grim virus so if your dad could send some leftover soup round..that’d be great (to the UK btw, no trouble at all lol)

  27. my best friend kept our big dog for three weeks until I was sure I'd be able to handle if he tried to jump up. It helps that they freaking adore each other, but it was just the kindest darned thing to know my dumb goofball wasn't going to hurt me or my son, AND he was going to be very happy.

  28. Awww lush! So glad they’re friends now. Yeah when we collected our dog, she was so freaked about about the tiny human in the car seat arriving into the house. Now the cat, dog and baby are a whole pack of bestie animals haha

  29. Yessss amazing! Ours did the same and still does at 7 months. Tbh she now gets annoyed with me if I try coax her to sleep, she’d rather me leave her alone haha. Well done, I don’t think it’ll be a fluke.

  30. We only do a daily bath because she enjoys it (also 7mo). She’s loved it from day one and generally she’s only in there for 5/10mins as a wind down before bed. We do proper hair wash etc every Saturday with her…she has loads of hair! But don’t feel bad about once a week, if that’s what works for you.

  31. I’d be tempted to just pull a sickie the day before tbh.

  32. Lots of people saying self soothe just means to let her cry. Maybe for some babies, but I think it’s slightly more nuanced than that. Our babe (7mo) tends to have two modes when going to sleep or if she wakes at night…grunting n fussing at a low level, or angry shouting. From the start we realised that given a few mins to figure it out, she’ll often go back to sleep on her own if she’s just low level fussing/grunting.

  33. Aww I’m with you right now. Our 7mo has her first cold. I feel like I’ve had constant whining in my ear for days…and I think we have new teething on the go as well. Wanna sit and rock in a darkened room for a week lol

  34. Oh I feel this so deep today. Every week baby goes to MIL for a few hours and we get a bit of free time. Last week MIL was away and this week baby has a nasty cold so I thought it best we cancel babysitting and I felt guilty that I was so gutted that I wasn’t going to have those few hours! I’m so excited for her to feel better and to go visit her Nan next week…I’m gonna do absolutely utterly nothing

  35. No one warned me about when your milk comes in. Dear god I never cried so much.

  36. For me it didn’t hurt, it was a super weird rush-tingle and I was laughing and crying at the same time (as one does), and my husband was like wtf is wrong with you (as one’s husband does).

  37. Yes! I burst into laughter after as well. Must have looked like a right old state haha

  38. This!! Why does no one warn you! I felt like this was the most profound part of postpartum. I remember looking at my dog, crying hysterically because she “looked sad”…all the while my rock hard boobs were leaking all over the floor. Madness.

  39. Personally if our MIL is looking after baby and we’re out having a nice time/doing stuff we need to get done, it’s a favour in itself. If baby doesn’t nap, then that’s on us not her. Having said that, our babe doesn’t have a nap schedule, we just go off sleep cues so if she doesn’t nap she doesn’t nap and we’ll deal with consequences when we get her back

  40. I approach it the same way... there are things I do or want done differently compared to how my mom or MIL put my son to sleep, but I also understand that it may be hard for them and what works for me might not be easy for them. I constantly give them tips and reminders and realize that’s all I can really do especially if I’m not there.

  41. Yeah totally agree. Maybe it’s different circumstances for other people but in our situation having my MIL five mins away and willing to babysit whenever I need/want is a huge privilege. So I don’t want to sweat the small stuff. We always have a little convo about when she slept and ate last, when I drop her off, and the same when I pick her up. Other than that I go off and do my thing while they enjoy each other’s company.

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