1. I think that it's not very useful to try to label people as good or bad; it's far more useful to label actions that way. People are incredibly complex and our identities and beliefs are shaped by a wide variety of internal and external factors, and on top of that, we have no way of actually seeing inside a person's mind to know who they truly are inside. Because of all of this, it's far better to look at actions and judge those as good or bad, without trying to categorize a whole person.

  2. Because communication isn't about referencing one central set of definitions, it's a large web of shared meanings, social context, and history.

  3. Yeah that makes sense, I can correct my verbiage while in the back of my mind still think it’s silly to get offended, for the sake of the other party

  4. I would caution against doing that, because it's just going to foster hostility in you. Instead, try to see things from a different perspective, and consider the validity of their emotions, not just if you would feel the same way in the same situation.

  5. Because "X" isn't pronounced "SH", it's representing a sound that isn't part of latin phonetics.

  6. Therapy is usually the best option. Brains are big, complex, and messy things, so having someone's trained in dealing with them is important.

  7. Basically, he's a billionaire, which isn't something you can become without exploiting a lot of people, he's horrible to his employees, he supports right-wing conspiracy theories, he's a thin skinned man-child, and on to of all of that, he's incredibly self righteous and insists he's a brilliant businessman.

  8. Is this something that changed recently? Tesla still has pretty good employee reviews on indeed.com.

  9. Have you missed the massive chaos at Twitter, or his consistent efforts to destroy unions, or his demands that Tesla workers come into work during the hight of the pandemic, or the cases of sexual harassment of his employees?

  10. People have a problem with performative altruism. At the end of the day, Mr. Beast is exploiting other people's suffering for himself. To some people that's fine as long as he's still alleviating some of that suffering, but to others it's never okay.

  11. Astrology isn't religion, although some religions contain astrology.

  12. Lots of things kill people, the difference is in everything other than the fact that sometimes people die.

  13. "#" is actually a corruption of "lb", because during the medieval era, it was customary to indicate an abbreviation by putting a bar through the top, so "lb" was writen "℔"

  14. The immediate drop in blood pressure will make you unconscious before your cells actually start to die

  15. Here's a nice little video going into the different styles of boarding and how well they work

  16. But why not make patches and gums with higher nicotine contents, specifically for people to get a nicotine high without the mouth/throat/lung damage?

  17. Mostly because nicotine is pretty bad for you and it's unlikely that a company would get permission to sell them.

  18. But they already have permission to sell tobacco products, which are objectively more unhealthy and can affect others (in the case of cigarettes and cigars).

  19. A cigarette and a nicotine patch are different enough that they require separate authorization, and tobacco produyare mostly legal as a matter of tradition, if it were developed today, it's unlikely that the government would look favorably on it.

  20. It would probably be better to start seeing a therapist rather than an endocrinologist. Messing with your bodies natural hormone levels, while sometimes necessary, isn't something to be done lightly and can have a wide variety of side effects

  21. American Republicans mostly don't think much about Epstein, because he's not really relevant to their current political interests. Modern Republicans are generally diven by either social inertia or culture war issues; because Epstein isn't really relevant to eith of those, nor to their daily lives, he's just not a subject of much thought

  22. Modern pyrex isn't made from the borosilicate glass that old pyrex was made from, as a result it's no where near as resistant to thermal shock.

  23. So the air temp probably had something to do with it? Or me pulling the foil out when it was still hot? 74 in the house. Didn't know they changed how it was made

  24. I would guess the counter was the biggest contributor.

  25. To me, a lot of AI art isn't really art, because art is inherently expressive. All art, from the works of Renaissance masters, to classical Haikus, to the 10-year-old drawing his sonic OCs is the expression of an idea in the mind of the creator. AI generated images aren't expressing anything, they are simply rearranging bits of other images over and over again; there is no idea behind the image, and no intention on the part of the creator.

  26. I find it hard to think this way while looking at something I aesthetically enjoy. Do you often consider this view you're explaining while consuming art normally? Or only when looking at AI art?

  27. When I look at art, I generally consider what the artist's goal was when making the art, sometimes that's simple and straightforward and sometimes it's not, but there's always something to consider.

  28. Is there any concise evidence it wasn't? Remember, all evidence we receive comes from the government in some way. They can lie to you, and then make the "evidence" to prove themselves right.

  29. Yes, there is a massive amount of video footage, eyewitness accounts, material samples, and independent analysis.

  30. Some mailboxes have a clip on the outside for outgoing mail

  31. Right to work laws exist specifically to destroy and weaken unions. Right wing policy makers aren't actually interested in helping out non-union workers, they're interested in destroying labor power for the benefit of the rich.

  32. You have to make a point to actively monitor and control your vocal volume. It can also help to uave an accountability buddy, someone like your boyfriend or another close friend who will point out if you're being loud.

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