1. It’s not normal. And you and she are not friends. Do yourself a favor and distance yourself. She’s using you

  2. It looks like it will be okay but who can say if a gust of wind comes … did you tell them there’s wires down? It may get them to come faster - but also maybe not bc I’m sure theyre all over the place right now

  3. I’ve been looking for a dupe for this for so long lmao

  4. I listened to Pillows and Beer last night the podcast of Craig and Austen and Austin had a dog toy at his house that wasn’t his and he said he was going to call Taylor and see if it was hers and she left it there. They are dating. During the show he said Taylor said it’s not hers. Guaranteed this will be the new couple. She’s darling and I like Austin now. Madison should have waited awhile until he grew up instead of going for the weird looking fireman that they got matching teeth. He’s not rich so hopefully she’s good with making all the money.

  5. What are you saying ? What does a dog toy being at austens house have to do with a romantic relationship between them? And where did you pull firefighter from and that he isn’t rich?

  6. She is a 12 year old stuck in a nearly 30 year olds body

  7. I came here to say this. “ the guy who likes you..” like we’re in middle school giggling about who likes who

  8. I was actually thinking that Maci’s ridiculous outfit to cates wedding was probably among the inspirations for Cheyenne implementing a formal gown attire policy for hers 😂

  9. Ha ha ha that would be hysterical but cheyenne Did the right thing should always tell you to guess a dress code and she obviously wanted black tie is crazy for a Thursday wedding

  10. Oh god I hope not. After they gave him “relationshep” only for him to now go around and say he doesn’t believe in monogamy I’d hope they smartened up and realized he’s not worth an investment

  11. That’s actually not as bad as I was expecting lol

  12. It is matte...that is my point...brushed looks very similar to matte...I ordered a classic ring not a matte one. So you confirmed my thoughts!

  13. I just think in this photo you posted it doesn’t really look like the stock photo of either ring tbh

  14. Had I known that I needed it to dispute something with Blue Nile I would have taken a better photo.

  15. Not for nothing you shouldn’t have to provide them anything like that anyway if you’re not happy with the product you paid for it’s as easy as them just swapping it out and sending a different one whether they think they’re wrong or not It’s not like you’re asking for your money back and to keep the ring

  16. I would contact Nespresso and tell them the situation or have bed Bath and beyond send you another one even if there’s none around you a store further out could have one and they can send it directly from the store

  17. Boys **** but yes…. Unfortunately I think ( hope I’m wrong ) that person he marries may end up being taylor

  18. Reach out to your hair and make up artist tell them what time everyone needs to be done by and they will guide you on when they should start

  19. I’m all for rented gowns for an ocassion like Craig hosted .. who actually needs multiple beaded gowns esp in a white color

  20. i tried to enter a couple times yesterday and saw the same issue, but when i logged in this morning and checked all sizes were available again

  21. Not for nothing when I was listening to watch what crappens they pointed out how most of the time casts get paid for the episodes they’re in.. so leva got paid for a 1 minute scene nobody have a shit about and added NOTHING to the show ?( making cookies with her son)

  22. Does the ordinary ship to UK? I like their cleanser a lot for double cleansing

  23. I usually take so long to decide that they expire :)

  24. Don’t worry at all. Bridal gowns are ordered in your size (unless you plan on buying off the rack?) The bridal shop will take your measurements and then order you the correct size going by your biggest measurement ( it’s easier to alter down then let out so they always go by the biggest ) and don’t let the numbers shock you .. bridal sizes and street clothes are usually a few sizes diff! I was a street size 4 and my dresss was ordered in either an 8 or 10 ( can’t remember )

  25. Thank you! That makes me feel a lot better about it. :) I really appreciate it!

  26. No problem!! I looked up the shop your going to and idk which location your going to but they all look beautiful and seeing as how they have 3 diff spots I’m 100% sure they know what they’re doing and will guide you through the whole process!

  27. He got lucky when his friend came over and said he knows people who could set up the production. At that time he had also that assistant who did everything for him while he couldn't get out of bed earlier than middle of the day because of his partying, and he had 100 orders pending while he literally didn't do anything to fulfill them (he could sit down and sew them I mean, if he's so much into sewing but he didn't want to do the actual job lol). I mean you could consider him successful sure, but I wouldn't take any life or business lessons from him on how to actually start a company. Also without a show and his popularity he wouldn't be selling any pillows from a general crafts store fabric! Let's be real. So I'd say let's come back to this topic in five years and see how the company is doing then which would be more realistic to draw conclusions regarding his success!

  28. No matter how you spin it his business is successful. Of course he has investors and had to find someone to do the production .. that’s how most businesses work? Maybe people on Etsy are sewing their own stuff and selling it and it’s working for them.. but Craig is a bigger scale. The show shark tank is literally based around people looking for investors and help with their company… in the end it’s still their company ( as long as they own a majority) .. while its true that he wouldn’t be as successful selling pillows if not for the show it’s not fair to try and take the success away

  29. Oh I didn’t realize she was getting married on a Thursday !

  30. It goes well with her "boho" "out of the box" dress

  31. Her dress .. is actually a really nice and well made dress .. I know this bc I wore the same dress - it’s not an expensive dress but certainly not cheap… definitely not a boho dress tho lmao

  32. No I get it I'm not saying it wasn't a nice dress she just kept stressing she was looking for "boho" and "out of the box"

  33. Oh yeah lmaooo I forgot well she really missed the mark !!

  34. I think you should offer to chip in for the shower if the cost is being split or mostly being paid for by the bridal party. Bach no.

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