I painted a Khajiit in my style using watercolors.

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  • By - oter_

Newly unsealed documents from the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago put Trump in even worse legal peril, experts say

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

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  1. Honestly I’m not sure- I didn’t eat any of it 😂

  2. Honestly i googled the menu but this was a special and it’s not listed. I honestly might join you.

  3. I love how Patrick Warburtons mom actually hates Family Guy and Seth for what they make Patrick say and do.

  4. The difference in detail between the jewelry/clothing and the actual fur on the Khajiit is pretty stark. I see you defending yourself saying you never trace anything but surely you must see why people think that, it looks like two different artists.

  5. I actually found the shop this is sold at. Never mentions a Skyrim species. Contacted the shop owner asking if they have a reddit. As I was thinking the same thing, especially when other clothing in the shop look more natural like the photos 🤔 it confuses me

  6. Look at the piercings, I didn't look very close, the ear ring on the right side doesn't even clip behind the ear, it's just placed on top.

  7. Even without inhaling the entire time he's probably still getting stoned.

  8. I can't find one anywhere, all my buddies are right handed and I keep loosening it -40lbs, just got a used Taylormade driver and I'm at a loss.

  9. Controversy aside how does everyone feel about matchmaking? I'm of the opinion it feels worse especially when trying to queue with friends of varying skill. This isn't limited to just Infinite, but I do notice it a lot more in this game than some others.

  10. I'll crush, especially if I've played for a few days before but my friends that haven't played in months join.

  11. So 14 year olds are on tinder? Cuz that's some little kids giggling type of shit.

  12. At least it happened now. Everyone's figuring shit out and almost nothing is forever as a teen. Plenty of fish in the sea and plenty of years to keep casting my dude.

  13. How did he make it about himself being the victim? I know it wasn't his fault, more or less, but he's really literally pulling the Trump card?

  14. Any tankys here want to put a propagandist spin on this? That's not very glorious and supreme of you.

  15. Exit coming up soon or just wanna go under speed limit, no exit in sight and want to just cruise, actively looking to break the speed limit.

  16. Your friend believes in a suspiciously white magic man from Israel who died and was reborn because he was the son of God, and that God is the one true God who created everything, even the things science has proven existed long before humanity.

  17. Scavs can also shoot you twice with one bullet now. I had a scav shoot my arm off but I nearly died from it because my arm blacked out and then took his second ninja shot. Went from 440 health to 132 in a split second.

  18. Yeah I still maintain that there's a strong possibility this is NOT a bug but an intentional mechanic implemented by BSG in order to allow them to give scavs weaker ammo while still allowing them to be a deadly threat even against people in class 6 with face shields.

  19. It being an intentional bug is more likely than BSG admitting they did something wrong. They have a hell of a track record of putting the blame elsewhere when the problem is clearly in their development.

  20. And then their buddy walks up acting all confused “hey I heard shots, are y’all ok?” Then proceeds to shoot whoever shot his homie, cause y’all become the aggressor. It’s one scam inside another

  21. Okay but just take whatever loot you want from my backpack first, I'll drop it here.

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