1. Yeah theyre supposed to be fat. Unless they haven't pooped for months it's fine.

  2. I'm not one of the bros so don't "jokingly" insult me then act surprised when I get offended.

  3. I think that applies to everyone you don't really know well. Like it's a weird thing to do to anyone

  4. Of course. In my experience at least, I've noticed that mostly men joke like that amongst themselves. Some guys don't understand that women don't really appreciate it as much.

  5. Jungle mix rather than coconut fiber. Coconut fiber has a tendency to grow mold.

  6. Fake tits that look like melons. God gave you small tits for a reason.

  7. You have to pay for public bathrooms.

  8. i would isolate her until you figure out what’s wrong, i know you’re not looking for a lecture but if you can’t afford a vet than you can’t afford your pet <3

  9. Dude it cost me 200 dollars just to get my frog checked up. I am a college student working a minimum wage job. Vets are expensive and I don't blame this person for consulting this subreddit first before dropping that kind of money. Don't judge people's love for their pets by their financial status.

  10. Please consider how your offspring could inherit potentially every single one of your mental and physical disorders

  11. Vet. Vet now. This does not look good.

  12. I'm not too well versed on the African ones but I'm gonna say probably

  13. I could tell it was fresh. It’s tail was still forming on the end. I was very careful with it. I left it hanging in the same position I found it but in our tomato plant.

  14. Thank you for your tenderness! I'm sure he or she appreciated it.

  15. Breasts can change size depending on the time of month.

  16. yes. im very thin and tallish, not curvy at all and even i have stretch marks.

  17. Be patient. Unless his skin is thick and he's refusing food I wouldn't worry. But because he seems to have an appetite, he should be fine. He's probably just shedding when you aren't looking, if at all. They shed when their skin mucous dries out or gets too thick. Don't worry about his overall size too heavily either. If he's plump and passing solid poos, he's healthy.

  18. How do I know if his skin is thick? And I do have a warm and cool side with a heater on one

  19. It'll look and feel leathery, which usually means he's about to brumate (hibernate). But i dont think thats the case if he's eating. If he's currently shiny and glistening he has a normal and healthy complexion.

  20. Brumation I'm guessing. If his skin is thick and his eyes are shut, that's probably it. They do that for a while sometimes. My frog slept for four months like that and I had no idea what was going on. They'll shed their skin and come out when they're ready. In the meantime just keep him moist and regulate the temp.

  21. Yes. It's solid and normal sized. Their poos are very large most of the time.

  22. Super Mario Galaxy. This isnt just the nostalgia talking, everything about that game is beautiful.

  23. Thats impressive. My pac hates roaches and refuses to eat them

  24. I will not speak to someone who chews with their mouth open or makes lip smacking/chewing noises.

  25. Yeah... not to mention the smell

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