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  1. He's character totally needs more depth. I like him because he is one of the few good guys in this show so far. I haven't seen many speculations of him being A, but that would totally be maybe the most shocking twist. It would be hard to link him to Angela's mystery but with a good writing they can make it work. I almost hope it is him cause it would be heartbreaking but cool reveal.

  2. Basically, all the male characters, aside from the sheriff, needs more depth. It’s a bit annoying that they just exist, and chip is basically tabby’s errand boy. I guess it’s because of the short number of episodes, but how are we gonna feel a connection to their relationships if the boys just appear from the time to time.

  3. i feel like were not getting given a chance to get to know any of the love interests, probably an intentional choice for mystery but i cant connect with any of the relationships because the build up isnt really there.

  4. EXACTLY. Like I know noa is in a relationship but there’s literally no connection or attachment to their relationship. The guy (don’t even remember his name) barely has scenes and he just exists to be nice? Part of why pll was so great is because we had haleb and spody etc. And haleb was pretty well built up in the first season.

  5. The thing I like about PLL is that it's kind of light hearted. Even though it deals with serious issues, it was able to combine humor, fashion, ect along with the dark stuff. I always wanted PLL to be just a little bit darker with their storylines ie: not backtrack on every bad guy. But this show is like the extreme of what I wanted the original to be- it's just too much. To me, this show is just not PLL. Don't get me wrong, I like it, I love horror/thriller/murder mystery stuff but I just don't think it needed to be associated with PLL at all. It's like if they tried to say the show Parenthood was a reboot of Modern Family. Just b/c they're both shows about families doesn't give them the same feel.

  6. SAME. Also, I don't see the relevance of having an A in this show. A in OG pll felt more centered and connected. Sometimes i even forget that there's an in this show because the real villain is simply just a guy in a leathermask.

  7. As another comment pointed out, Ben called her an "unfuckable nerd." This literally led her to question her entire sexual appeal as a person, which is SUCH an horrible thing to do to a teenage girl... not to mention the racial undertones he also loaded that insult with.

  8. Devi says horrible things to Ben too, and yeah Ben tells her stuff that isn’t right at all, but the clear fact is that she does not pretend to be someone else when she’s with Ben. She doesn’t try to make him like her, she doesn’t try to be more likable, she's not a pushover, she’s just unapologetically herself. When she’s with Paxton all she cares about is being liked by a hot guy and completely forgets that she has self-esteem and doesn’t need to feel beautiful because she’s with a hot guy. Ben might have bullied her, but Paxton and even Trent weren’t any better to her. Paxton is a good guy, but Devi is too quick to run to his aid and as OP says, second-guesses herself too much around him.

  9. Are we watching the same show? Devi literally cut off the relationship with Paxton because she had self esteem to not just be a hanger-on to him when their relationship was not clear or didn't make sense to her.

  10. Bruh, clearly we aren't because I'm sure you've seen multiple times where Paxton thought of himself as better than Devi because he is popular and likable. He even saved her that one time at the party to make HIMSELF look good. ALSO, he told his sister that she's not girlfriend material, and despite that stuff not being said to her face, they are pretty much brought out in his actions. So technically, Ben is not the only one who has thought of Devi as an unfuckerable nerd or someone beneath him. And Paxton ain't her knight in shining armor because he gives her attention from time to time, he did it multiple times to make himself look good and to use her.

  11. Well, it is subjective I guess. I'll always love the OG pll more but I think original sin is quite fun. What I don't like about original sin compared to the OG is that the episodes are a little too short, and the acting is a bit flat.

  12. I totally agree with this, sometimes I don't even remember that they're there and I can't remember any of the boys' names aside from chip, Greg, and Tyler. Don't even remember noa's bf's name. Maybe if the seasons were longer then the male characters would have been shown more.

  13. Well in original PLL people complained for how much they showed the guys and how the show wasted hours showing the couples instead of using the time to find A

  14. I kinda agree with op, and i was also saying the same thing. I don't want the show to be about them having boyfriends, but the boys in original sin seem to be there to run errands for the liars, or just to remind us that they have boyfriends or romantic interests. I mean that's fine, but it can't hurt to get some depth to them. After all, a lot of fans love ships, like spoby and haleb in the original. Imo, having the boys there just to let the audience know that they have bfs is a bit boring and doesn't really make it that convincing. But i agree that the longer seasons would have made more characters fleshed out.

  15. Her MRPS( Movie references per scene) was much lower than it was in the initial 3 episodes, which is a vast improvement.

  16. Am I the only one annoyed with how she treats chip? And idk, her bad girl act feels a bit forced for my liking. She's okay otherwise, just not my favorite though.

  17. I know it's impossible to have a non-flawed character but she really irritated me, I'm sorry.

  18. It's good so far but a bit boring. It's just a little meh for me, giving it till the end to see how it turns out.

  19. I think we’re all team Andy. Isiah and Sydney are hot messes & Mady is just an innocent bystander catching strays.

  20. She's also so damn boring lol, I cringed at her reference to her being a bad bitch.

  21. i’ll never get over their journey, literally every single obstacle possible and they still managed to come out the other side stronger and in love!!best turnaround in love island history🤣i had faith in them from the start and i’m so glad they’re getting the love the deserve, tandrew till the end!!

  22. It really shows that it is not how you start, but how you finish.

  23. I agree he is arrogant and should be brought back to earth, however we don't see what they see and they don't see what we see.

  24. So true. Tasha even called Luca one of her best friends. I highly doubt she said it because of the producers but I don't think she would if Luca bullied her that badly. I really think tasha's mostly sad because of the public opinion, not necessarily Luca and dami's bullying.

  25. I realized what the problem is with both Luca and Dami - they like to keep track of past mistakes by girls in the villa and hold grudges even if they are not directly impacted. What is this mindset? I don't think any other islander is keeping track of another islander's perceived misdeeds like they two are. In their heads, they are dispensing "justice" on behalf of other men. Who made them the villa gods? SMH.

  26. Yep, and I feel Luca, especially loves that other couples are crumbling around him.

  27. Fr, I really liked her. Do you know why Arielle was replaced though?

  28. You control what you can, accept what you can’t and work on the stuff you feel like you need to be more confident in..step out of your comfort zone, take risk..you do not have to be loud or dominate or even an extrovert to be confident..you are you and you need to be able to accept who you are and not worry about who you think you should be. A bear will never be a mouse and a mouse will never be a bear and for one or the other to try to be is going to end in disappointment every time. Focus on what you love about yourself and learn to tune everyone out..only you can make you feel worthy. No one can do it for you.

  29. ThankYou for the advice. Sometimes it feels like I have to change who I am to be accepted because what I am is not enough to help me succeed.

  30. That’s absolutely not true, people are drawn to confidence and when you start feeling it you start displaying it and it shows. People often make the mistake that to have good self esteem they need to conform to a certain type a person and will always fall short of that type when that person just isn’t who they are. If every cloud in the sky way the same it would be a boring sky..I think it takes more courage to be oneself and display real confidence then to try and act in a way that’s just not genuine and pretend to be ok with it and it’s also obvious when it’s fake compared to real. You can be shy and quiet and be respected and not walks all over at the same time but it has to start with how you treat yourself

  31. I understand this, I guess I'm trying to change myself to be a certain way because I think I'll be more accepted. Being who I am, which is passive and lowkey has not really benefited me lol, especially because of where i'm from. But then again I really need to improve my confidence and I will do that. Thank you again for the advice.

  32. I've got a question, what app/software did you use to make the pictures for the elimination game? I'm planning to make my own.

  33. This has been my favorite part of this subreddit since the start. Thank you for making this awesome game!

  34. he's definitely been made aware of how popular his one liners have gotten and he's playing up to it even more now. granted, he was always a dick and i never understood why anyone genuinely liked him, but it's gotten more obvious how much he's trying to be famous now (just like in unseen bits when he referred to himself as a celebrity lol)

  35. Same. I admit that his Italian accent is sorta funny but overall he has a very dry personality and I failed to like him even from the start.

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