1. Forget Pizza Hut. UP has 50k sign on bonuses.

  2. I recently switched to one of these old fashioned safety razor and I love it.

  3. If you wanted peace of mind, you shouldn’t have disturbed it. I would now be paranoid of getting mesothelioma 30 years down the line.

  4. Jesus, they're not eating it as breakfast cereal. Don't be paranoid

  5. Have you ever heard of take home exposure? Men who work with asbestos, who come home and their wives get lung cancer or meso just from being around their husband’s clothes? I deal with this at work, so I’m particularly paranoid about asbestos. Definitely wouldn’t remediate it myself. Everyone has different risk tolerances though.

  6. I'm well aware of take home exposure. This dude is not working the mine in Libby Montana, he took our 9 square ft of flooring.

  7. Fine homebuilding and Journal of Light Construction both have "how tos" by some of the best people in their particular trades. Check your library!

  8. It isn't wrong, this is how it is done. You literally are only speculating that it wouldn't work. We need to try it, if it doesn't work fine, we still won't have medicare for all, so we are no worse off.

  9. Sorry- which part do you agree with? That new cabinets are worth it or that spiffing up my existing ones should look fine

  10. I'd spiff them up, unless you have the funds to get something real decent you are going to be spending money to replace probably solid cabs with cheap shit with a more modern sheen. You could replace doors and drawer fronts if you want to spiff them up a bit more.

  11. Yes... I was expecting to get roasted on that. I've been strongly considering pulling them up and redoing with a proper stagger. Would be a lot of work though

  12. Onward and upward. You learned, just don't do it on the next one!

  13. That was my first impression as well, very nice epoxy job

  14. Bro you underestimate my power. I can hate multiple people at the same time

  15. Sounds like galvanized chain link fence top rail. I would spray some penetrating oil (as much as is possible), let it sit, and then use a couple of pipe wrenches to see if you can get them to budge

  16. https://www.lalibre.be/belgique/societe/2023/03/28/sans-ces-conversations-avec-le-chatbot-eliza-mon-mari-serait-toujours-la-LVSLWPC5WRDX7J2RCHNWPDST24/

  17. I had an 1987 in grey. So the car of an economically challenged carpenter's family during the 2008 financial crisis.

  18. Hello from Park County!I used a bunch of heart pine I salvaged from another old building recently because I got tired of the shitty pine from the lumber yard

  19. Howdy neighbor. Unfortunately most of the demo from here just ends up at the landfill. I salvage what and when I can. How’s the weather?

  20. Not so bad today. Got 7 in of wet snow over the weekend. How about yourself?

  21. For all I know, they have already discussed it. No ones come to me about it, and moral is high. They both told me they're getting paid more than they've ever made before. If one came to me upset that the other guy makes 5 bucks more, I tell him, "He has a broader depth of knowledge than you, and he has over 10 more years experience than you do"

  22. You'd be wrong. I've been in the trades for 23 years and I've been in business for myself since April of 2017

  23. I've been in the bis for 17 years and started my bis in 2015. My employees love working for me, there is no pay issue. So go bitch at a shitty boss who's taking advantage of his employees and quit telling me I'm doing it wrong

  24. Sure you're taking advantage of them through surplus value of labor.

  25. That's what my tile sub uses. It's so nice because we can just drywall everything and they come back and just install the Schluter board which is your waterproof layer. I haven't had any leak problems yet.

  26. you can just apply the kerdi fabric to the drywall as well. Schluter specs to prime any drywall mud and then away you go.

  27. I'd like to think some sort of liquid membrane will be applied before tile starts? Maybe even that Schluter underlayment? Even then the raw sheetrock edge is vulnerable though... Not a tile guy. Anyone else with two cents? Edit; Just noticed the pan hasn't been poured yet so yeah the tilers should definitely be doing something before.

  28. It's a schluter drain on the floor. Schluter specs drywall to install kerdi over, so that's my guess as to what's going on with the shower

  29. Agreed but I’m a celiac and sadly they have the best gluten free selection for the majority of the country, which really surprised me in socal.

  30. WinCo has a bulk food section where they have a great gluten free baking flour mix. My daughter is celiac and we use it all the time.

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