1. mine is the easter baking bunny biscuits. idk what it is about that video, but it’s just so feel good. i think it’s because it’s the closest we got to them being their true selves before they came out. they just seem so happy and carefree and it rubs off

  2. i thought it was a picture from a while ago because he looks so much younger with a buzz cut lol

  3. No its recent it’s their marathon

  4. The reason they felt so rushed, to me at least, is because there hasn’t really been any mutual pining. It was all from Ricky this season, Gina was focusing on her relationship with EJ (which also makes it weird that SHE had the confession but that’s a different story)

  5. I really miss their songs and their chemistry from season one. I still enjoy the show but it’s nothing on how I felt about season one.

  6. my thoughts exactly- i don’t dislike the show but i definitely don’t feel the same way as i felt in season 1

  7. ive been saying that forever!! they played leads together so they spent more time together than most people in the cast during beauty and the beast and they little scenes they got were so cute!! like them with the casts and the small joke scene during the color war, they’re just so cute!! i just really want to see ricky have more friendships (particularly with ash and ej) and i was loving seeing a bit more of that this season. im personally over all the romance, i just want to see friendships all over the place

  8. No wayyy, that was the first video Dylan posted after I subbed- it does NOT feel like three years has passed, that’s crazy

  9. I didn’t say he never felt anything. They may not have been totally unrequited in S1, but I felt like they were S2. If you don’t see it the same way that’s fine.

  10. I agree with you. I whole heartedly believe that Ricky was 100% into Nini for season 2 and don’t see where people who believe he was burying his feelings are coming from. Maybe it’s just been a while since I’ve seen season 2, but I don’t remember him having any interest in Gina.

  11. 🤣🤣 from the beginning it implies that Gina and Ricky share the similarities while EJ and her don't.🤷🏽🤣 Ur totally blindsided

  12. You’re free to have your opinion. I don’t really see that personally, to me it looks like Ricky was pining after Nini all of season 1 and Gina was a bit of a distraction, but that’s just the way I see it. I really liked when Gina and EJ started becoming a thing because I loved seeing Gina so genuinely happy and being chosen first after being second to Nini with Ricky in season 2. Again, just my opinion, your perspective is totally valid too.

  13. I’m dying over Emma. Why does she kind of look like Tom Holland?

  14. Rina is the popular ship among the fandom, but I just cannot ship them no matter how hard I try. I see them as friends with a complex past that they are moving forward from. I prefer Portwell. They make more sense to me, plot/storyline wise. Like you said, they spent time in S2 developing Portwell just to foreshadow their break up this season with an identical love triangle storyline they used in S1 with Nini, EJ, and Ricky.

  15. I agree with everything you said. I’ve tried liking Rina but I just can’t see the romantic chemistry. I also hate how they’re reusing so many storylines (breaking up a couple they spent last season building, love triangle with EJ and Ricky, one going to a school without telling the other). It just seems like the writers have no other ideas for drama. I just want to see some people have fun at camp with their friends, is that too much to ask?? 😭

  16. probably tangled. he kept getting recommended to me so i finally decided to click on the vid lol

  17. Gina shouldn’t have been cast as Anna, she can’t sing the part.

  18. I 100% agree. I love Gina, but her voice just doesn’t fit Anna very well. Her voice is just a bit too low. I feel like she fits Elsa better. I get that she got Anna for the storyline, but I still don’t really like it.

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