1. She is sooooo iconic i kinda need her to win and be even more cocky

  2. Melanie Martínez, outside allegations which i fully believe so pleaaaase dont write a paragraph about why she Is inocent. How Is it working with her? Has she thrown tantrums? Is she known as hard to work with? Is she nice? Do you have tea?

  3. Isn’t Maggie Roger’s boyfriend in a band?

  4. I think this time is different, because they seem to be fitting most of the remaining queens into two dates.

  5. There are no double Shantays. Up until f4. No one knows what happens

  6. Then next week is Loosey/Mistress if Salina goes this week because they booked her next week and the only reason i can thing for them to do that is next week's eliminated queen already having apeared there

  7. South Korean feminists are hardcore, I deeply admire and respect them after reading up on them

  8. La directora y después inspectora general era la mamá de Edo Caroe. Siempre la odiamos.

  9. Los papás de un amigo de la media tenían la media casa al lado de un colegio que podría ser considerado el peor colegio de mi pueblo por todos yo creo. Ella era la sostenedora. Y se la pasaba ñn de viaje en china en Nueva York, donde fuera era dms obvio que la vieja culia que además era loca se robaba toda la plata

  10. Siempre que hacen estos hilos me doy cuenta que es terrible comun que los profes se culeen a las alumnas, como escolar jamás me di cuenta de esa realidad.

  11. Tengo 3 amigos cercanos cercanos en la u y los 3 se culiaron profes y unonde ellos hasta estuvo en una relacion con el wn en el colegio wn es pal pico

  12. I actually think she Is clearly under the effects of something

  13. Does Kornbread think she’s a hero for saying what everyone online has been saying? Lol

  14. Have you not seen her talking never? She always does this giant monologues and wants to come out of every situation like a hero 😭

  15. Did she really need a 10 second preface before giving us a perfectly lukewarm take? Nobody is saying Sasha is beyond critique and we are not all pretending she deserved to win because it’s taboo to suggest otherwise. Lots of people did not agree with her last two wins, I’m not in that group but I respect their opinion. I hate it when people act like their opinion is the right one by implying that everybody else secretly agrees but is not brave enough to speak out.

  16. She is sooooo annoying everytime she speaks it feels like she's coming from a point of being always 100% correct and being the absolute truth teller 😭

  17. Shaping up to be the worst franchise of them all i fear

  18. Is it too messy to be fun? I haven't started it

  19. I personally found it too messy / strange?? I dont know how to describe it i was just not being entertained and usually i LOVE the franchises. France, Canada 2 and España 1 are some of my favorite seasons EVER

  20. Este es el que se ve cuando vas llegando al terminal sur verdad? Siempre le veía solo un lado y aún así pensaba que la cantidad de ventanas era inhumano tanta gente junta. Enterandome ahora de cómo es por arriba y que da toda la vuelta a la manzana prácticamente quede tieso

  21. En el caso hipotético de que hipotéticamente quisiera hackear una switch oled por qué no tengo para comprar juegos y no quiero tenerla ahí botada por qué me da pena, sería posible y valdría la pena / que tan caro sería pagarle a alguien para que lo hiciera? Todo esto siendo un hipotético caso obviamente nunca lo haría!!

  22. Estuve viendo en un sitio y al parecer en Japón tienen bastantes juegos mucho más baratos por la moneda

  23. I need him and PP as the Snatch Game contestants in S16 please and thank you

  24. Thats craaaaaazy budget for a single episode it probably isn't happening ever 😭

  25. Hola!!! Soy de región y ando en Santiago y quiero comerme el pollo frito picante más rico de la historia por qué en mi ciudad aunque no es chica no encuentro por ninguna parte, tienen algún lugar que recomienden? Preferiblemente que esté en Uber eats

  26. Me too after that House of love reunion she was a drunk mess but so fun!

  27. She copped a lot of flack for the ‘I don’t know much about politics’ attitude, but pretty much the entire cast, including the challenge winner Jaida, were the same boat in that regard. From memory, I think only Jackie Cox (and maybe Widow?) really showed much political awareness.

  28. Not blaming BLM 😭 she was just being overly favored and by that point it was undeniable

  29. Why the name change? I could understand wanting to change the surname since she isn't really part of the Couture family but Makayla Walker Louboutin... am I missing a pun? It seems so random and... long.

  30. She actually IS part of the Couture family. Icesis includes her when she's talking about her daughters every time

  31. ¡Malditos republicanos, gastando el dinero de la gente en asesorías para legislar!

  32. Nunca falla el abrir el perfil, siempre está ese sub que básicamente es un vertedero

  33. These kind of so driven by god lives genuinely make me sad bc you dedicated your whole life (and made your kids do it too) to an entity that clearly doesn't exist at all and now you and them are all fucked full of guilt (and trauma most of the time) and for what

  34. I didn't expect them to have this good of a chemistry i loved this

  35. Fuck her for real for that. Convoyers in Canada are the WORRSSSTTT, and I wish they'd fuck off to Florida and other Q-anon hotbeds.

  36. In chile too 💀 they stoped working so the military could stablish a right wing dictatorship by claiming there was lack of food and resources blaming it on the left wing government.

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