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  • By - St0pX

  1. i believe that these are the bill paying skills i keep hearing all them youngins talk about.

  2. as someone whos made quite a few decks, this looks like an absolute nightmare to make.

  3. aww thats so sweet of them. offering to make her youthfull again.

  4. I'll never forget the endless hours of minecraft I played on the 360

  5. Going to a store? Nah I'm having that shit mailed to me in a unlabeled box


  7. stop downvoting me its literaly their most popular song.

  8. after 15 or so years of a game being out people tend to get pretty good ig

  9. oh man yeah i guess so. i looked up the age for brawl, didnt realise this was melee

  10. Tightening your trucks could help too, they look super loose

  11. that could help now but in the long run its usefull to learn how to skate on looser trucks.

  12. Yeah but these look hella loose, like blown bushings loose.

  13. yeah you would definately want a good bushings settup for any chance with loose trucks

  14. what if i like getting blue lobstered? what if its my kink?

  15. 🎵its christmas eve and ive bought myself two funko-pop-blink-182-set presents. its christmas eve and ive bought myself two funko-pop-blink-182-set presents.🎵

  16. Have you ever considered listening to good power metal instead?

  17. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  18. always thought the eclipse was a pretty sweet looking car

  19. that tripple looked pretty much clean to me but i think you're airing a little lower for the kickless, probably just need a little more commitment to going higher. but great job bro

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