My wife and I like to see how long it takes to notice we’re filming each other. This is one of my favorites.

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  2. Why did he not reference Coach McGurk??

  3. My favorite role of his. I so want more seasons of home movies.

  4. This is one of my favorite cheeses.

  5. This is correct. I used one for years before getting a carbon steel wok. We had a crappy electric stove (I know, not all electric stoves are crappy. This one was.) and this let us get some solid wok cooking in. It was kind of a pain in the butt because it was so big and heavy, but you could achieve similar results, albeit with more effort.

  6. What were your favorite recipes from The Wok??

  7. The most surprisingly excellent one for me was the beef with broccoli. To me, that's one of the least interesting dishes available at a Chinese restaurant. But it's something our picky eater kids like, so I tried it out. It turned out to just be fantastic, with way more depth of flavor than I expected.

  8. Hey I also posted this! But about 8 min before you.

  9. Belle and Sebastian - If You’re Feeling Sinister

  10. Can I ask a question about the Avonlea cloth bound cheddar? How pungent is it? I ordered some a while ago and when I received it, it had such an aroma to it I couldn't stomach eating it. I'm just wondering if the cheese that I got was bad.

  11. I forget the brand but when I worked on the cheese dept we had a cloth bound cheddar that had the most putrid rotten wet foot smell. Our team was divided, half loved, it half hated it.

  12. Wish it was a little longer but still a great video

  13. I need it to continue to the part where they shower eachother in gasoline and explode themselves because that’s how I feel the next morning.

  14. I believe that is the implication.

  15. Lol I’m there now dude. Can’t believe this is what’s going on on the body holding forum. It’s basically 4-Chan over there.

  16. Ya havnt seen what tripmines + ahamkara do to Raid bosses and the likes. They are enough dps to do caretaker alone

  17. Check out my two loadouts that involve using Ahamkara’s (DIM links):

  18. Thank you for this. I went through my load out yesterday (before reading this comment) and was having trouble figuring out where lord spitzi was getting healing from. I’ll check your load out when I’m home tonight.

  19. MSRP rare bourbon in Illinois, I didn’t think it was possible.

  20. Honestly, my pet peeve is when people record on a phone but say filming or video tapping.

  21. Name a bad song with a reference to slicing nipples with a piece of paper.

  22. I hit 16 clears tonight, most with some of the additional challenged completed.

  23. Along those lines, what's the name of someone who is working towards becoming manager? I work with a guy who doesn't boss me around but does every little thing to impress the ppl he thinks he'll work with one day.

  24. Brown noser, ass kisser, teachers pet, etc

  25. My mom used all my streaming services and we live on opposite sides of the country. When I went back to full pirate I set up a Plex server on a seedbox with an unlimited cloud drive mounted to it, can't take away Mom's stories like that. Works out to be $50/month. I have a few friends on it that help with server fees.

  26. Tell me more about this unlimited cloud drive

  27. I am desperate for a change to armor.


  29. You numbered them all “1.” Lol

  30. If you’re prone to a bit of aesthetic OCD, another exact same G7 would be very satisfying for the setup. It also depends on what the 2nd monitor will mainly be for. If you’re trying to split the two into different needs (work/play) then I highly suggest a 32” 4K monitor for the secondary. Closest looking to the G7 without going for a $1000+ Neo G7 or G8 would be the Gigabyte M32UC. It’s 32” 4K with a curve. It is a VA panel which may not work the best if you do color corrective work professionally but if you’re just coding or workin on spreadsheets it’ll be totally fine.

  31. If you don’t mind non curved, but want IPS, the M32U would work.

  32. They just need to adjust the rates across the board. For heavy weapons especially. Why do single target weapons like rocket launchers and Linears take as many kills to level up as say, a machine gun? It makes me not even want to bother. Like, I am trying to level Bump in the Night and it is just miserable. Only getting like 40% per Shuro Chi run. Imagine trying to level it up by playing normally. Ammo is almost as big of an issue here, too. All around unfun.

  33. I’ve never even launched OW2

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