1. Yellow Ledbetter by pearl jam, I don’t think the singer even knows

  2. theres a truck stop in Kwinana Beach that looks over scrap yards and industrial areas. heaps of trucks, excavators, loaders etc throwing shit around and making loud noises.

  3. I booked Darwin to Munich for Christmas (fly on the 20th Dec) and have just been told Jetstar Asia have cancelled the first leg to Singapore and there are no other options for 5 days either way. My wife and kids fly a week earlier so looks like a lonely Christmas.

  4. Amputate your hands. Or live with others and remove all the doors

  5. Coming from a complete newbie, I liked it. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but seems very clever how the writing style changes almost to mirror the age of the narrator.

  6. Two hands. Favourite movie by far. A few bits of bittersweet comedy in there but just a good overall movie

  7. To me it's always just seemed to be a massive cultural difference that can't be changed. I know plenty of people that use guns for hunting in Australia, but have never had any interest in using one myself (completely indifferent to the idea if I'm honest, but that comes from my background and upbringing here).

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