1. Is that the name of the game? The pnly thing that came up for me was the female league of legends esport team lol

  2. That’s awesome! You should definitely share of picture of it

  3. What was this one called? its killing me not remembering

  4. The sound of the butler in Tomb Raider II still gives me nightmares.

  5. How old? Because if you asked this in 2010, 1995 is 15 years ago. But 15 years ago now is 2005. So can I say TES: Oblivion? Because right now that's like saying SM64 in 2010. I think a lot of people don't consider the early 2000s when we say old, everyone is listing NES games and stuff. Halo: CE is 21 years old now

  6. Stop! You are making me feel old. I swear 10 years ago was the 90s.

  7. Looks like an old game and definitely holds up… but I wouldn’t say it was “old” really?

  8. Ittttssss cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere

  9. That’s not 20 yet, season 1 is 17

  10. Cod 4 District. Or pretty much any OG Cod 4 map. Also any BF:BC2 map.

  11. District is great. Sprinting down to the market with the Scorpion trying to rush the SnD game.

  12. I’d be growing Ancient Fruits like a nutter. Everyone be buying my expensive wine. Kegs in everyone’s front garden. 🍷🍷

  13. I've tried Corona, Heineken, and Budweiser/Light, the "big three brands" that I always see people drinking at parties and bars and stuff.

  14. Don't judge me but once a while I look up games4girls the ones who'll get it got it

  15. Fun fact: One of the designers, Akira Toriyama, is also the creator of Dragonball.

  16. Interesting. Makes sense when seeing the cutscenes. Very DBZ-like.

  17. Falkreath....Not too many people, not too cold, has trees and mountains. Lots of time to meditate quietly in the forest, and then execute my contracts for the Dark Brotherhood. Perfect.

  18. Curious how you came across this post, it’s that old!

  19. I think that the Sega logo with Sonic running is exclusive from Sonic 3, not the one that was in most of the games.

  20. Yeah that’s true. There were a few variations (like just a shimmering “SEGA”). But having to choose one to use… has to be the one with Sonic!

  21. Great find. I personally thought it was NA version too. Struggled to find a gif for the version I was used to as a kid.

  22. It’s called Journey. Play it buddy, really great!

  23. What's the game you showed in the OP? I remember playing this some time ago, but can't remember what it was called..

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