1. Mayuri is GOATed. Love his shit-talking.

  2. It was always a treat when you saw him appear the battlefield, rubs hands together “let the shit talking commence!”

  3. Fr bro. Mayuri may shit-talk but he rarely loses (after Uryu).

  4. And? What good does that bring someone if the world has been destroyed and the knowledge can't be put to use? Bring all that knowledge into their grave?

  5. But he's supposed to be studying. Partying can lead to destruction. Even ishida had such good potential.

  6. What'll be left of studying if the worlds are destroyed? That's like saying, "Oh he needs to study even though he has Stage 4 cancer and barely has 6 months to live."

  7. Just watch the world cup the other day and got reminded the Japanese are not that tall

  8. Yea.. see that Takefusa Kubo player? Dude's very short. Also his name is goated.

  9. Current Gotei became soft and complacent due to prolonged periods of peacetime. Pretty sure they aren't that much weaker as the OGs. They might well be stronger by EoS though.

  10. Kenny at the very least i probablly stronger than all of the OGs except for Yama, hell Yama vs EOS Kenny would be an awesome fight.

  11. Fr tho. Zaraki in TYBW was so powerful Kubo had to pit him up against logic-defying opponents in Gremmy & Gerard.

  12. Yooo this is one of the coolest cosplays I've seen. Understated and not too excessive. The pose just makes it so much better.

  13. Bro imagine Yami using his Dark-based Zanpakuto 🤤🤤

  14. Durability comes from how strong ikkaku is. It's just that edorad was strong enough to break it even if he had to go all out to do so.

  15. And how many other Bankais can you think of that break this easily?

  16. Easily? Edorad had to use everything he had to break it and died in the process.

  17. Byakuya's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi's base purpose and function is that the millions of flower petals strike and cut the enemy. Even if the petals get cut up, they're still able to be used by Byakuya to strike the enemy again. We all know how much of a joke the clunky Hihio Zabimaru is, but I'll let it slide because it's not even Renji's true Bankai. And Sōō Zabimaru, I believe the only time we see it get broken is by Soul King Yhwach. Which isn't a slight towards Renji considering he's facing the closest thing to God.

  18. Odd that it uses its red side to launch a Grass move while its green side a Fire move.

  19. Idk, but I feel bad for ur dms after this post and guys seeing ur profile description.

  20. Wait why is it impossible ? The Zero Squad never said that Aizens method wouldn't work all they said is that he was going to create life (ouken) and then try to kill the Soul king.

  21. Probably it has something to do with the 100 000 souls it takes to create the ouken, the Royal Guard never say that this method doesn't work, they even imply that Aizen knew what he was doing with the whole

  22. I truly wonder how Aizen's Ouken would look like if he actually succeeded..

  23. I wonder how many ppl are gonna catch on to the name and if the anime will remind ppl Zaraki named his lieutenant Yachiru for the "only person he ever admired."

  24. I think they'll pick it up without the anime telling. They'll be like, "Wait, Yachiru????"

  25. Exactly. Knowing the contents of the post-novel allows us to see everything differently now. Kyoraku was giving him a devil stare, almost being protective of Ichigo it seems.

  26. The reason is that tengen myou isn't a bankai it's actually his stando powa

  27. Imagine Komamura going: MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!

  28. M-mommy? I like Gin the most but Unohana in the second place

  29. Gin mah fav, then Askin second (because same birthday)

  30. Second half/the last third of Ep 9 and two-thirds/the whole of Ep 10.

  31. It's difficult because Kubo has a chapter title that literally says Squad Zero but the Bleach wikia says Zero Division. Zero Division sounds better but nothing is more official than Kubo himself, so I'll stick to Squad Zero.

  32. Longer than 70, maybe 120ish? I believe they announced it is running year long without interruption

  33. Wow, you're wrong on all fronts. How does someone achieve that?

  34. Interesting lore with decent world building. The reason why I love Bleach so much though, is because of the trope of "military organisation" (I don't rmb what the exact trope is named but for example, Gotei 13, Hunter Organisation (HxH), etc.). I fucking love when they have a group of strong ass characters who are not the main characters. I'm the type of person who loves side characters and a list of my favourite anime characters would barely feature any main characters.

  35. Simple, he got it from his much younger days against Ikomikidomoe

  36. Now that is something I never knew despite being a massive Bleach fan. I've heard Ikomikidomoe is sorta broken and to leave a scar on Yama? Sheeshh

  37. You were meant to discover Bleach since birth :>

  38. Better late than never mate. I only discovered Bleach right after the manga finished and yet it's the series I have the most knowledge of.

  39. If you had to emphasise hypothetical twice, it's got to be that it actually happened.

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